Workforce Pathway Grant 2015

$13M grant connects students with workforce training

Initiative Focuses on Growing Careers in Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy & IT

San Diego, CA — Working to provide more opportunities for more San Diegans, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer today joined several leaders in San Diego education to announce a $13 million grant that will help align a regional infrastructure that supports student pathways to high-demand, high-skilled and high-wage jobs.

Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer: “This is about creating opportunities for every family and child. Our mission of creating One San Diego and opportunities starts here with our innovation economy. I can’t think a better way to help San Diego families than to help provide them with a better pathway to a job in our innovation economy.” 

Dr. Constance Carroll, Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District: “As the largest workforce trainer in the County, the San Diego Community College District will be fully engaged in this career-technical program grant. The unique collaboration of schools, community colleges, nonprofits, and the Mayor’s Office is a winning combination to ensure success in preparing San Diegans for jobs.”

Dr. Randolph E. Ward, County Superintendent of Schools: “This program is the latest step in our efforts to better connect high schools, community colleges, and partners like the United Way in helping kids obtain high-skills, high-wage careers. If students train for the careers they want in high school and in college, they will seamlessly transition into that career. It is a win-win for students and businesses.”

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San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten: “San Diego Unified’s mission is to ensure that all students graduate with the skills, motivation, curiosity and resilience to succeed in their choice of college and career. We know this cannot be accomplished working in isolation but by working in collaboration with other school districts, post-secondary education, elected officials, community agencies and the business community. We are excited to be part of the San Diego County College and Career Readiness Consortium and appreciate the State’s recognition of its efforts with this additional funding.”

The California Department of Education awarded the $13 million grant to the San Diego County Office of Education on behalf of the San Diego County College and Career Consortium, which includes 116 high schools and 8 community college campuses throughout the county. The $13 million grant was one of 40 grants made throughout the state and the only grant made in the San Diego region. The San Diego Unified share of the grant will be more than $2.3 million.

Kevin Crawford, President and CEO of United Way of San Diego County: “United Way of San Diego County is excited to be part of this grant and will be leveraging our relationships and expertise to convene partners and utilize data to ensure that we establish a regional infrastructure and meet the goals of this grant. Our goal is to help transition San Diego County’s youth from high school and community college to high-wage, high-demand careers.”

The grant will help strengthen career pathway curricula, establish coordinated systems, support student transitions and establish work-based learning opportunities that will lead San Diego students to high-demand, high-skill and high-wage jobs.  The initiative will specifically focus on growing three sectors in San Diego including advanced manufacturing, clean energy and information and communications technology. It will also build a regional infrastructure for career pathways by supporting the professional development of teachers and counselors, curriculum development and alignment and robust industry engagement.

United Way of San Diego County is acting as the “backbone” of the College and Career Readiness Consortium, using a “Collective Impact” framework – a proven, more effective way to solve complex social issues. United Way will use its collective impact expertise in convening large groups around common goals, taking a hard look at data and building the regional infrastructure to make it all work, as they do across San Diego County with an existing City Heights Partnership for Children and Vista Partnership for Children initiatives. 

- Source: Office of Mayor Kevin Faulconer, city of San Diego