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The New Student Application—CCCApply

August 17, 2016
San Diego Community College District

With CCCApply, students will be given a new state identifier called CCC ID that will enable students to connect with future state initiatives such as Common Assessment, Online Education Initiative, and the new Statewide Student Portal. It will also allow the state to track student success metrics across institutions.  

CCCApply provides students with an easy-to-use online application that is not only ADA compliant, but smart enough to tailor the questions based on responses provided by the
applicant, which will reduce the amount of time students spend on the application and eliminate errors. For example, if a student indicates on the application they are not a veteran, the application will not ask questions regarding the student’s military history. 

In addition to tailoring the application to the student, CCCApply utilizes rule-based logic that will reduce the amount of inconsistent answers provided on the application. CCCApply also provides students with on-call customer support sponsored by the state.

Once students apply to one of the colleges, they will receive a confirmation email as well as a customized letter welcoming them to the college, along with specific instructions on the next steps for student success, including directing the student to sign on to the new Student Portal. CCCApply and the Student Portal are scheduled to go live March 1, 2017.  

For more information visit cccapply.org.

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