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Miramar College awards $155,274.95 in scholarships at ceremony

April 17, 2017
San Diego Mesa College

San Diego Miramar College held its 23rd annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, April 12. This year, the Miramar College Foundation will administer 36 scholarships totaling $80,325.00. An additional 64 external awards, totaling $74,949.95 was awarded to deserving students bringing the grand total awarded to $155,274.95. 

“San Diego Miramar College is honored to assist our students financially in their educational journey,” said Dr. Patricia Hsieh, president of Miramar College. “The College takes great pride in its students and is delighted to celebrate their success at this annual ceremony.”

The Miramar College Foundation, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, was officially created on August 21, 1994 and is committed to supporting the diverse population of Miramar College students by raising scholarship funds.

“The College cannot sustain these types of financial gifts without the continued support of our community partners and our employees,” said Hsieh. “Under the leadership of the Miramar College Foundation, San Diego Miramar College students benefit greatly from the generosity the Foundation receives on an annual basis from local businesses and the faculty and employees of both the college and the San Diego Community College District. The College is grateful for the Foundation’s continued support.”

This event was organized by the college’s Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

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