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City College Update on KSDS

July 11, 2018
San Diego Community College District

Dr. Ricky Shabazz, President of San Diego City College, addresses the community from the campus of San Diego City College. His radio address, City College Update, airs monthly on the first Monday of every month (barring any holidays). The next airing is Monday, August 6, 2018.

City College President Dr. Ricky ShabazzPrevious Radio Addresses:

7/2/2018 - President Ricky Shabazz discusses his recent BPAC presentation, the accolade from the California Community College Chancellor's office about preparing students for good-paying jobs. Shabazz also discussed City's workforce programs and enrollment opportunities for the Summer and Fall.  

6/4/2018 - President Shabazz discusses the recent commencement ceremony on May 25th (largest ever), Summer classes, Dream Big and the possibility of companies, community centers or libraries hosting an off-campus SD City college class.

5/7/2018 - Commencement is upon us and summer classes are less than a month away. Don't miss the Dream Big campaign and the cultural hub opening.

4/2/2018 - There's a lot happening in April - Summer registration, scholarship banquet, Open House and Research Symposium.

3/5/2018 - President Shabazz discusses late start classes, summer registration and digital journalism. Also, there's great information about the #GIVECITY campaign happening in April. 

2/13/2018 - President Ricky Shabazz sits in with our Jazz Morning Drive host Joe Kocherhans to discuss all things City College.

1/29/2018 - City College President Ricky Shabazz gives his first address of the new year and of the Spring Semester. The president talks about all the enrollment opportunities available at City College. 

12/4/2017 - Dr. Shabazz talks about the San Diego Promise allowing local students to attend their first year at City College for FREE. Shabazz also acknowledged the original music heard in his address. It was composed by Anthony Cunningham, a City College student in the Commercial Music Program. 

11/6/2017 - Dr. Shabazz gives his November 2017 City College Update radio address and talks about the passage of AB-19, 4-week intersessions and the upcoming Spring semester. 

10/2/2017 - Dr. Shabazz gives his October 2017 City College Update radio address

9/5/2017 - Dr. Shabazz discusses the following topics: Late Start Classes, Strong Workforce Initiative and Dreaming Big. 

8/21/2017 - Inaugural radio address - Dr. Shabazz welcomes students to Fall 2017 semester.

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