Current Funding Opportunities


The Advancing Wellness Grants Program
Due: Ongoing
Synopsis | RFP

Foundations accepting applications on an ongoing basis

Foundation Apply as a 501(c)3* Focus Initial Contact
Farrell Family Foundation Education with emphasis on technology, health and human welfare, art Application
Price Family Charitable Fund x Improving the lives of people living in low income neighborhoods in San Diego Request letter
McCarthy Family Foundation


K-12 science education — to foster increased study of science and to promote further scientific study and careers by qualified students. Online Letter of Inquiry
Girard Foundation x Educational leadership, college and career preparedness Call Foundation at (858) 551-0881
W.M. Keck Foundation


Supports outstanding science, engineering and medical research, undergraduate education, and, in Southern California, community service projects that will have a significant impact in solving complex issues and problems, arts and cultural enrichment, civic and community services, early childhood and pre-college education, and health care. Contact foundation two or more months before the November 1 or May 1 submittals. Initial contact from a college or university must be coordinated through the institution's central development office.
Milken Family Foundation x Education, research 3 page written statement
Met Life x Health, civic affairs, culture and public broadcasting, education Online proposal
RGK Foundation x Education, community, health and medicine Online letter of inquiry due 3/4/11, 6/10/11, 9/16/11, 12/2/11
NEA Foundation


Student Achievement, Professional development Online application
Application deadlines are: 2/1, 6/1, and 10/15 each year
National Science Foundation


Conferences and Workshops in the Mathematical Sciences Online proposal (via FastLane) accepted anytime
National Science Foundation


Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry Online proposal (via FastLane) accepted anytime

*To apply as a 501(c)3, contact your college foundation