Corry Station, FL

Josh Pohribnak
Director, Military Education Program
San Diego Community College District


Contract Instructor Program
Naval Technical Training Center Corry Station, FL

San Diego City College continues its academic excellence by extending services to many military installations. SDCC is a major provider of instruction for all branches of the military service at Corry Station in Pensacola, FL. Foreign students also benefit from our expert instructors. Graduates leave Corry Station prepared for instructing, troubleshooting, and calibrating technical equipment. Consistent outstanding ratings received by our instructors indicate the quality of service we provide.

San Diego City College provides instructional services for the following centers:

  • Center for Personnel Dominance (CPD)
  • Center for Naval Leadership (CNL)
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center (NWSC)

The courses include Journeyman Instructor Training ( JIT), Oxygen Equipment Cleaning and Calibration (O 2), and Shipboard Gauge Calibration Program Standards Maintenance (SGCP). The course content includes: Training future Instructors in the techniques and principles of instruction applicable to the formal school environment, the required cleaning, examination, calibration of pressure and flow equipment installed in an oil free oxygen pure environment, calibration of measuring devices, basic electricity and electronics, transformers, digital circuits, processors, fluid power safety, and basic electrical and electronic safety.

Our student through-put is approximately 402 students annually in the three courses of instruction. Two of the courses require the contractor to perform corrective and preventative equipment maintenance or observe the students' performance of the maintenance safely and in accordance with applicable maintenance procedures. We maintained an outstanding safety record through continuous staff training, development and use of planned procedures, checklists, and policing the area for safety violations.

San Diego City College has repeatedly demonstrated our versatility and capability to meet the demands and needs of the Navy's changing training programs.


SDCC Instructors are:

  • Highly qualified – most are retired military
  • Subject matter experts
  • Motivated to share their years of knowledge with students
  • Master Training Specialists (Navy)
  • Superb role models that “genuinely” care about their students
  • CPR/Heartsaver AED certified
  • Certified Master Instructors (SDCC)
  • Qualified in Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Qualified in Computer Based Training (CBT)
    • Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) (Outstart, and ThinQ)
    • Computer Simulations


Oxygen Equipment Cleaning and Calibration (O2)


SDCC provides the Navy enlisted and Navy civilian personnel the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the required cleaning, examination, and calibration of pressure and flow equipment which is to be installed in an oil free, oxygen pure environment.


Students learn the proper and safe operations of an oxygen clean room, oxygen gauge cleaning equipment; calibration equipment, oxygen flow meter equipment, and oxygen clean instrument packaging. Lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on laboratories cover safety equipment and regulations; sample testing; preparation and evaluation of data for determining hydrocarbon impurities; operation of infrared spectrophotometer; and cleaning, calibrating, and packaging prepared oxygen system equipment.


Shipboard Gauge Calibration Program Standards Maintenance (SGCP)


SDCC provides selected E-4 and above Navy personnel the knowledge and skills necessary to calibrate, trouble shoot and repair the Shipboard Gauge Calibration Program (SGCP) Standards at the journeyman level. Students shall be trained to perform duties at various Intermediate Maintenance Activities. Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to operate, troubleshoot, repair, and calibrate shipboard gauge calibration equipment.


Students are taught basic electricity and electronics, transformers, digital circuits and processing, and basic electrical/electronic safety. Graduates of this course will become familiar with all current shipboard gauge calibration testing equipment as well as the maintenance of this equipment. Lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on laboratories cover pressure, temperature, and mathematical concepts and principals; the operation and use of Instrolab 420 2B-13-15 Digital Temperature indicator, Rosemount 162CE PRT, King Nutronics 3689A precision pressure standard, Fluke 8810A digital multimeter, and Tektronic 2336 oscilloscope to repair and calibrate to selected standards; operation, repair, and calibration of the King Nutronics 3666 automatic pressure calibration system, Hutron tracker equipment, Datametrics 1127-2 portable gage calibration system, and King Nutronics 3604/3605 thermo units. This course also includes group-paced lectures and laboratories covering AC circuits, inductance and capacitance, basic transistors, solid state devices, power supplies, and basic digital principles.