We Are Community

The San Diego Community College District values our commitment to serving a diverse student population across all of our campuses. As a student leader on campus you play an important role in building a community of inclusiveness from the classroom to our campuses and beyond.


The ART of Inclusive Communication

Learn to effectively resolve conflict and promote civil discourse. The WE ARE COMMUNITY initiative wants to help support these goals. Please get enrolled now in one of the upcoming training sessions provided by the National Conflict Resolution Center.


Upcoming Training Sessions

These training sessions are free to students. Participants will receive a certificate of completion along with tools and resources for inclusive communication. For additional information, please contact the college Dean of Student Affairs. You can find their contact information on the left side bar.


Campus Audience Date/Time Location
San Diego City College Student Services Staff April 12, 2016
9:00pm to 12:00pm
City College
M-Bldg M205-206
San Diego City College Students April 12, 2016
1:00pm to 4:00pm
City College
M-Bldg M205-206
San Diego Mesa College Students April 8, 2016
10:00am to 1:00pm
Mesa College
ASG Conference Room
San Diego Mesa College Students April 26, 2016
12:00pm to 3:00pm
Mesa College
ASG Conference Room
San Diego Miramar College Students April 22, 2016
9:00am to 12:00pm
Miramar College
Room K-107
San Diego Continuing Education Tentative April 28, 2016
12:30pm to 3:30pm
CE Cesar Chavez


Student Testimonials

See how some of our participants thought about the training and how it may benefit you.


This was the second time that I took this specific training and it was just as informative and enjoyable as the first time. I'm grateful that it was offered to our students and to the A.S.G. team, especially because it was with one of the same trainers that I had the first time. Learning about your own communication style and how that impacts your relationships with others is vital to the work that we do on our campus and within the A.S.G. I hope that the participants will use their newly acquired knowledge to improve teamwork and outreach to students and organizations on campus.- Laura Benavidez


Interactive and reflective are two words I would use to describe the Art of Inclusive Communication training. I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was a great experience reflecting on my own communication style as well as that of others. As a student leader, it is vital for me to know how I come across to others and how to handle various situations. I feel that this particular training has effectively equipped me with the necessary tools to successfully communicate with individuals with diverse communication styles.- Hani Hussein


I'll have to say I'm a fair communicator with some training and experience in conflict resolution I've worked in security in places where I needed to use communication to avoid violence. I feel the training one can receive in communication perhaps is just as powerful as a weapon in defending yourself. I feel this class was extremely helpful and is totally a real help. This class will empower people to communicate better with each other on a daily basis, but also might help avoid serious violence. As far as the class itself the entire class got involved with group work, asking questions about ourselves and each other, acting out difficult situations where we resolve the situation. The whole class was involved laughing and having fun I think everyone benefited and had a good time too. - Rudy Cantu