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Policies and Procedures are currently undergoing revision. The linked chapters below have been Board adopted.

For current policies and procedures that have not been revised, please contact Amanda Ficken-Davis in the Board Office at (619) 388-6957.


 OpenBoard Recognition through Proclamation Certificates and Letters
ACCT Outstanding Faculty Member Award
 null imageTrustee Advisory Council, Policies and Bylaws
 null imageMembership in Associations and Organizations
 null imageBoard Membership
 null imageStudent Membership(s)
 null imageBoard Elections
 null imageElection of Student Member(s)
 null imageVacancies on the Board
 null imageBoard Duties and Responsibilities
 null imageOfficers
 null imageCommittees of the Board
 null imageAnnual Organizational Meeting
 null imageRegular Meetings of the Board
 null imageClosed Sessions
 null imageSpecial and Emergency Meetings
 null imageQuorum and Votes
 null imageAgendas
 null imagePublic Participation at Board Meetings
 null imageSpeakers
 null imageDecorum
 null imageMinutes
 null imageRecording
 OpenBoard Policies and Administrative Procedures
Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
 OpenDelegation of Authority to the Chancellor
Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor
 null imageChancellor Selection
 null imageChancellor Succession
 OpenEvaluation of the Chancellor
Evaluation of the Chancellor
 null imagePresident Selection
 null imageEvaluation of the President (College/Continuing Education)
 OpenParticipation in Local Decision-making
Participation in Local Decision-making
 null imagePresentation of Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals
 null imageConflict of Interest
 null imageCode of Ethics/Standards of Practice
 null imagePolitical Activity (Board of Trustees)
 null imageBoard of Trustees Personal Use of Public Resources
 null imageCommunications among Board Members
 null imageBoard Member Compensation
 null imageBoard Member Health Benefits
 null imageBoard Member Travel
 null imageBoard Education
 null imageBoard Self-Evaluation

 OpenDelegation of Authority
Delegation of Authority
 OpenFraud Policy and Whistleblower Protection
Fraud Procedure and Whistleblower Protection
 OpenDesignation of Authorized Signatures
Delegation of Authorized Signatures
 OpenBudget Preparation
District support for Associated Student Organizations
Budgeting for Minor Improvement Funds
Campus Budget Model
Revenue and Expense Projections
Preparation of Budget Book
Budget Preparation – Automated System(s)
 OpenBudget Management
Associated Students Budget
Budget Management – Budget Transfers
 OpenFiscal Management
Purchase of Food and Refreshments
Library Overdue Notice
Student Emergency Loan Fund
Associated Students Petty Cash Fund
Associated Students Funds: Purchase of Equipment
Associated Students Banking
Associated Student Loans for Books and Supplies
Remote Image Deposit Procedure
Disputed Credit Card Procedure
Revolving Cash Funds
Student Refunds
District Cashiering, Collections, and Deposits
 null imageBusiness and Financial
District Travel
Employee Reimbursement for Use of Personal Car
Investment of Associated Student Funds
 OpenPurchasing and Contract Services
Purchase Requisitions
Equipment and Supply Determination
Bids and Quotations
Developing Bid Specifications
Bids and Contracts
Bid Request for Proposal Questions and Protest
Contracts – Personal Services
Contracts – Consultant
Contracts – Electronic Systems and Materials
Accessibility of Information Technology
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders – Standard
Blanket Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders – Emergency
Blanket Purchase Orders – Change Orders
Returns and Exchanges
 null imageBids and Contracts
 OpenEquitable Opportunities for Business Enterprises
Equitable Opportunities for Business Enterprises
 OpenFinancial Audits
Grant & Contract Administration
 OpenSecurity for District Property and Records
Equipment Inventory
Transfer of Equipment
 null imageUse of District Equipment
 OpenDisposal of Property
Disposal of Property
Storage and Disposal of Records
 null imageElectronic Mail (EMail)
 OpenEnterprise Activities
District Enterprise Activities and Food Vending
 OpenAuxiliary Organizations
Auxiliary Organizations
Equipment Purchase by Fiduciary/Trust, Auxiliary or Foundations

 null imageConflict of Interest Code
 - Appendix - Conflict of Interest Code
 null imageEducational Master Plan
 OpenAccess to District Records
Finance Disclosure Statement (Guideline)
Release of Information from Employee Records (Guideline)
 null imageDistrict Administrative Organization
 OpenDistrict Functional Organization
Districtwide Research Committee
Instructional Council
Student Services Council
Communications Council
District Governance Council
Management Services Council
 null imageAcademic Senate
 OpenResearch Involving District Students
Procedures For Research Involving Human Subjects
 null imageUse of Alcohol in Cooking and Other Class as Part of the District Curriculum
 OpenSmoke and Tobacco-Free District Property
Smoke and Tobacco-Free District Property Enforcement
 null imagePolitical Activity of Officers and Employees
 null imageUse of District Mail Boxes and the Intradistrict Distribution System
 OpenDisplay of American and California State Flags
Display of American and California State Flags
 null imageAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
 OpenNaming District Properties, Programs and Facilities
Naming District Properties, Programs and Facilities
 null imageGifts and Honoraria
 OpenProhibition of Harassment
Prohibition of Harassment
Discrimination and Harassment Investigations
 OpenSexual and Other Assaults on Campus
Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus
 OpenClaims Against the District
Claims Against the District

 OpenBuildings, Grounds and Equipment - General Maintenance
Buildings, Grounds and Equipment - General Maintenance
 null imageSafe and Secure Facilities
 OpenGift Donations
Gifts/Donations to District
 null imageIntegrated Pest Management
 OpenPublic Use of District Property
 - Addendum I
Public Use of District Property
 OpenFire, Earthquake and Disaster Safety
Emergency Communications
 OpenFacilities Services Site Improvements
Request for Site Improvement
 OpenLost and Found Property
Lost and Found
 OpenGreen Building Policy and Major Renovation Standards
Green Buildings
 OpenConstruction Change Orders
Change Order Procedure
 OpenSelection Procedure: Professional Consulting Services
Selection Procedure for Professional Consulting Services
 null imageParking Citation Adjudication
 OpenEnvironmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability
 null imageGreen Cleaning Plan

 OpenInstitutional Effectiveness
Institutional Effectiveness
 null imageEqual Employment Opportunity
 null imageCampus Safety
 null imageCampus Security and Access
 null imageEmergency Response Plan
 null imageWorkplace Violence Plan
 null imageReporting of Crimes
 null imageChild Abuse Reporting
 null imageLocal Law Enforcement
 null imageWeapons on Campus
 null imageDrug Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program

 null imageConcerted Activities
 OpenDrug Free Work Place
Controlled Substance Abuse in the Workplace
 null imageConsensual Relationships
 null imageConsultants
 OpenConflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest
 OpenInjury and Illness Prevention Plan
Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
Workers' Compensation - On-the-Job Injuries
 OpenWorkplace Violence
Workplace Violence Procedure
 null imageCommitment to Diversity
 null imageDelegation of Authority, Human Resources.
 null imageRecruitment and Hiring
 null imageCompensation
 null imageCollective Bargaining
 null imageCivility and Mutual Respect
 null imageProfessional Development
 null imageAcademic Employees
 null imageClassified Employees
 null imageConfidential Employees
 null imageEducational Administrators
 null imageClassified Supervisors and Managers
 null imageNepotism
 null imageCommunicable Disease: Tuberculosis
 null imageHealth Examinations
 null imageLeaves
 null imageCatastrophic Leave Program
 null imageResignations
 null imageDiscipline and Dismissals - Academic Employees
 null imageDiscipline and Dismissals - Classified Employees
 null imagePolitical Activity
 null imageRetiree Health Benefits
 null imageSalary Deductions
 null imageDomestic Partners
 null imagePolice Department

 null imageElectronic Mail - E Mail

 OpenCurriculum Development
Instructional Program Review
Curriculum Development
Instructional Program Discontinuance
Course Approval
 OpenPhilosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education
Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degrees and General Education
Philosophy and Criteria for Certificates
 null imageLibrary Services and Other Learning Resources
 null imageDelineation of Functions Agreement
 null imageAuditing and Auditing Fees
 OpenEducational Grants and Contracts Program
Grants and Contracts Master Plan Development
 OpenGraduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates
Career Technical Education Programs
Distance Education
 null imageCareer and Technical Education Programs
 null imageMilitary Services Education
 OpenMilitary Education Program Contracting
Military Education
 OpenHealth Occupation Instruction
Health Occupations Instruction -- Use of Clinical Facilities
 null imageCredit by Exam
 OpenPrerequisites and Corequisites
Prerequisites, Corequisites, Limitations on Enrollment and Advisories
 null imageCommunity Service Programs
 null imageDistrict Catalogs and Related Information Publications
 null imageUse of Copyrighted Material

 OpenVocational Education Customer Service
Vocational Education Customer Service

 null imageLegal or Assumed Names, Use of by Students
 OpenAdmission of College Students
Student Admission Status
Student Academic Standing
International Students
 OpenStudent Records
Student Records, Release, Correction and Challenge
Grade Challenge
Student Loan Defaults
Challenge Due to Alleged Discriminatory Treatment
 OpenStudent Enrollment
Enrollment Priority And Open Enrollment
Class Adds And Drops
Basic Skills Coursework
 OpenStudent Success and Support Program; and Student Equity
Student Success and Support Program; and Student Equity
 OpenStudent Rights, Responsibilities, Campus Safety and Administrative Due Process
Student Grievance
Student Disciplinary Procedures
Honest Academic Conduct
Volunteer/Visitor Conduct Expectations
 OpenStudent Publications
Student Publications
 OpenAcademic Accommodations and Disability Discrimination for Students with Disabilities
Academic Accommodations and Disability Discrimination for Students with Disabilities
Service Animals
 OpenAccessibility Standards For Electronic And Information Technology – Section 508
Accessibility Standards For Electronic And Information Technology (Eit) – Section 508
 OpenAttendance Accounting
College Class Attendance
 OpenOff-Campus Student Activities
Authorization to Conduct Off-Campus Student Activities
 OpenTransportation of Students
Student Travel - Permission, Release and Waiver Form
 OpenAssociated Students Organizations
Associated Students Organizations and Guidelines for Student Clubs and Organizations
Student Representation on the Board of Trustees
Associated Students Elections
 - Attachment A - Fee Schedule for School Year
 OpenNonresident Tuition
Nonresident Tuition
 null imageCourse Materials Adoption and Procurement
 null imageFinancial Aid Program Participation Agreement - Code of Conduct
 OpenAcademic Credit for Non-Traditional Education
Credit by Examination
Credit Available Through Military Experiences
Credit Available for Standardized Testing Programs
Credit Available For Courses Completed Through American Council On Education (ACE) / The National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS)
 OpenCourse Repetition, Academic Renewal and Grade Alleviation
Course Repetition
Academic Renewal Without Course Repetition
Course Repetition by Disabled Students in Designated Special Classes
Math Substitution for Students with Disabilities as an Academic Accommodation
 null imagePosting and Distribution of Literature, Political Activities, Free Speech and Freedom of Expression on Campus and District Sites
 null imageAcademic Freedom and Freedom of Expression
 null imageGrading and Academic Record Symbols
 OpenResidence Determination
Residence Determination
 OpenWithholding of Student Records
Withholding of Student Records
 null imageOpen Enrollment
 null imageEnrollment Priorities
 OpenTransfer Center
Transfer Center
 null imageFinancial Aid
 OpenExtended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)
 null imageStudent Health Services
 null imageStudent Accident Insurance
 OpenCommunicable Disease
Communicable Disease
 OpenStudent Access to Shower Facilities
Shower Facilities for Homeless Students
 null imageAssociated Students Elections
 OpenAssociated Students Finance
Associated Students Finance
 OpenOff-Campus Student Organization Locations
Off-Campus Student Organization Locations
 OpenStudent Credit Card Solicitations
Student Credit Card Solicitations
 OpenPrevention of Identity Theft in Student Financial Transactions
Prevention of Identity Theft in Student Financial Transactions
 OpenWeb Policy
Web Principles and Standards

 null imageDistrict Mission

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