Accreditation Committees

San Diego City College Accreditation Standards Self-Study Organization

Chairs:          Larry Brown, Vice President, Student Services

                       Candice Waltz, Honors Professor, Humanities

Standard I: Institutional Mission and Assessment of Effectiveness

 Co-chairs:     Salley Deaton, Professor,

                       Minou Spradley, Professor, Biology

                       Marianne Tortorici, Dean of Science,

                       Nursing, Health and Athletics                                                             

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

 Co-chairs:      Nancy Crispen, Professor, Chemistry

                        Pamela Finkel, DSPS Counselor

                        Ron Manzoni, Vice President of Instruction

Standard III: Resources

Co-chairs:       Kathy McGinnis, Professor, Physical Education

                        Gloria Lyon, Professor, Child Development

                        Carol Dexheimer, Director, Administrative Services

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance

 Co-chairs:       Roberta Alexander, Professor, English

                         Berta Harris, Professor, Child Development

                         Winston Butler, Dean of Arts, Humanities,

                         Communications, and Telecommunications