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Four students sit outside at City College

From left, City College students Abdisalan Bulhan, Yesenia Aguilar, Alicia Vazquez, and Jerry Rodriguez.

Open registration begins Aug. 7 for the fall semester

July 14, 2017
San Diego Community College District

Open registration for the fall semester at the San Diego Community College District begins Aug. 7 in the state’s second-largest community college district. Students can choose from thousands of classes in more than 400 academic programs at San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges, and Continuing Education.

What’s more, students who complete their transfer requirements at City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges are given priority when transferring to San Diego State University. This year, as many as 15 percent of SDCCD courses will be fully online, opening the doors of education to more working adults or those raising a family.

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The 16-week fall semester at City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges begins Aug. 21. Classes cost just $46 per unit.

Classes at Continuing Education, the largest noncredit program in California, begin Sept. 5 and are free. Go to sdce.edu for more information.

The SDCCD is the region’s largest provider of workforce training and education, and students with a degree or certificate from the district will earn on average $400,000 more during their working lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma.

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