Districtwide Student Literary Competition

SDCCD Faculty Coordinator for Districtwide Literary Competition and submission to National Competition:
Christy Ball, City College

SDCCD Faculty College Representatives:
Carmen Carrasquillo, Miramar College
Jennifer Derilo, Mesa College


2021-2022 Districtwide Student Literary Competition

The Districtwide Student Literary Competition took place in Spring 2022. 

Click here to read the winning submissions and to learn more about our incredible writers and exciting judges.

Student Awardees:

  1. Drama:  "The Reprise" by Bridgette Roberson, San Diego City College
  2. Personal Essay:  "No One to Hear My Name" by Gimi Willie, San Diego Mesa College
  3. Poetry:  "Survivor" by Matthew Remington, San Diego Mesa College
  4. Fiction:  "Stolen Sun" by Tianyu Yao, San Diego Mesa College


  1. Drama - Tim West
  2. Personal Essay - Dickson Lam
  3. Poetry - Stacy Dyson
  4. Fiction - Matt Runkle
League for Innovation in the Community Colleges’
National Student Literary Competition general details

General Eligibility:

  • Contestants must be students enrolled for credit courses in a League for Innovation in the Community College institution
  • Local coordinators must verify academic enrollment
  • Entries must be original works written during enrollment in credit courses at the institution
  • Each entry must have a print or electronic signature of a sponsoring faculty member

Entry Requirements: Each entry must include the following:

  • Author's (student's name)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Institution name 
  • Title of entry
  • Page number

Maximum Length Requirements:

  • Essay:  Must not exceed 2,500 words
  • Fiction:  Must not exceed 3,500 words
  • One Act Play:  Must not exceed 3,500 words, including stage direction and/or production notes
  • Poetry:  Must not exceed 67 lines