Combat Systems

 Darrell Himmelspach

Contract Training Manager
Darrell Himmelspach

 Mark Rickey

Instructor Leader
Mark Rickey


Interior Communication "C" Schools

  • Shipboard Information, Training, and Entertainment (SITE) (CIN: A-191-0010)
  • Integrated Launch and Recovery Television Surveillance (ILARTS) (CIN: A-191-0011)
  • Class Ship Interior Communications Subsystems Technician (FFG-7 SS) (CIN: A-623-0099)
  • Fiber Optic Data Multiplex System Operation and maintenance (FODMS) (CIN: A-670-0065)
  • Data Multiplex System (DMS) (CIN: A-670-0053)
  • Vertical and Short Take-Off and Landing Optical Landing System (VSTOL) (CIN: A-670-0064)
  • Stabilized Gyrocompass Maintenance (WSN 2) (CIN: A-670-0048)

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"A" Schools

  • Fire Controlmen "A" Schools (CIN: A-100-0141)
  • Gunnersmate "A" School" (CIN: A-041-0010)
  • Electronic Technician "A" School (CIN: A-100-0149)

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Professional Mariner Schools

  • Boatswains Mate "A" School (CIN: A-060-0021)
  • Quartermaster "A" School (CIN: A-061-0012)
  • Operational Specialist "A" School (CIN: A221-0011)
  • Surface Common Core (CIN: A-500-0022)

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