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SafeAssign is a plagiarism checking program that is available to faculty at SDCCD inside their Canvas course shells. The material on this page answers some of the FAQ about SafeAssign and provides instructors and students with the information that they need to use this tool.

What is Plagiarism?

Online faculty and students can access SafeAssign through the Building Block located inside their Canvas course shell.

How SafeAssign Works

SafeAssign is now tightly integrated with Canvas Assignments. Separate SafeAssignments are no longer used. After informing students that their submitted writing will be checked for originality, the instructor may, when creating an assignment, activate SafeAssign under the Submission Details section in the Assignment creation screen. When students submit this assignment, their work will automatically be sent to SafeAssign which will check it against the Internet and selected journals. An Originality Report will be generated which will inform the instructor of any matching material found. The instructor accesses the Originality Report through the Blackboard Inline Grading Interface. The instructor may, optionally, make the report visible to the student as well. Here is Blackboard's tutorial showing how to use of SafeAssign.

Safe Assign Tutorial