Strategic Planning Committee

The District Strategic Planning Committee serves as the districtwide vehicle for initiation and coordination of districtwide strategic planning in order to ensure good communication and effective oversight of planning processes, as well as an effective, complementary balance in planning activities between the District as a whole and the Colleges and Continuing Education.

The District Strategic Planning Committee is a standing committee composed of individuals who function as an informed, collegial planning group that supports and reviews the outcomes of the institutional planning processes of the Colleges and Continuing Education; reviews the needs of the San Diego community and region in relationship to districtwide planning; and recommends planning outcomes. The Committee reports to the District Governance Council and the Chancellor’s Cabinet.

2021-2022 Committee Composition

2017-2021 Districtwide Strategic Plan

Districtwide Strategic Plan Annual Updates

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Alignment of Plan Cycles for District and Institutions

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Strategic Planning Process (January - june 2022)

The San Diego Community College District has initiated a strategic planning process.  The public and all members of the SDCCD community, including students, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators, are invited to participate in the strategic planning process.  Click here for more information.

The Committee is charged with:
  1. Developing a coordinated timeline for institutional planning processes throughout the district
  2. Reviewing the planning outcomes of the Colleges and Continuing Education planning processes so that common elements, themes and needs can be identified, reviewed, and addressed
  3. Conducting periodic environmental scans and community needs assessments so that evidence of community/regional needs can be identified, reviewed, and addressed as ongoing components of planning
  4. Reviewing and making available information from external groups and agencies that relate to planning opportunities within the District, Colleges, and Continuing Education
  5. Conducting research and analyzing the need for new or revised programs, delivery methods, and services within the District
  6. Sponsoring forums or workshops to discuss planning options, in conjunction with other organizations, e.g., the District Governance Council, the Chancellor’s Cabinet, and the Board of Trustees
  7. Developing and disseminating short-term and long-term planning strategies
  8. Providing recommendations and report to the District Governance Council and Chancellor’s Cabinet for future confederation by the District Budget Development Committee and the Board of Trustees


Integrated Planning

Integrate Planning Process
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Districtwide Integrated Planning Framework Model Adopted November 2015

The District’s framework model represents our integrated planning philosophy, including the participation by stakeholder groups in the development of strategic plan goals; operational planning, budget development, and resource allocation; and continuous improvement. The framework is the overarching system by which ongoing planning in the three colleges, Continuing Education, human resources, facilities, finance, technology, student services, and instructional services occurs, and links to the fulfillment of the mission of the District and to its effectiveness.

Districtwide Strategic Planning Cycle

Annual Updates Timeline

Institutional Effectiveness


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