Do I need a permit to park on campus?

  • Yes. You need to purchase a new permit each semester.

What happens if I don't have a parking permit after the grace period ends?

  • You run the risk of being cited for not having the proper permit for any given area on campus. Even if you've purchased a permit but have not received it, you run the risk of being cited for no permit displayed.

Are the citations issued by Parking Enforcement Officers and College Police 'real' citations?

  • Yes. They are like any other citation issued by a police or parking agency and are legally binding.

What if I don't take care of a citation I have been issued?

  • If you neglect to take care of any outstanding citations the citations will incur penalties and could be placed on DMV hold until it is paid.

What is a DMV Hold?

  • A DMV hold occurs when a citation is past due; has incurred penalties and the DMV has been notified to suspend the vehicle's registration until full payment for the citation(s) is made. If there are multiple citations, full payment would need to be made on all citations with a hold before DMV would issue current registration.

Does a DMV hold keep me from registering for school or hold up my grades?

  • Yes. Parking Services may elect to place a hold on grades/transcripts if you owe fines totaling $100 or more.