Institutional Effectiveness and Research

Institutional Effectiveness and Research
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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (OIER) is located in the San Diego Community College District administrative headquarters and is the central Research and Planning Office for City College, Mesa College, Miramar College and the Continuing Education Program. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research supports the planning and decision-making efforts throughout the District by providing data and information for managing and maintaining the quality and effectiveness of programs and services. The IRP also provides information that is mandated by external accrediting agencies and legislative bodies and serves as a primary source for information on institutional effectiveness at SDCCD.



The Mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research is to facilitate data-informed decision-making and institutional planning by providing district administration, staff, and faculty with actionable, thorough, and strategic data to support our students’ educational trajectory and the achievement of their educational, career and professional goals. We do this by following our Core Values.



  • Providing information that supports the district’s efforts to promote social justice.
  • Producing knowledge based on the core values of objectivity, accountability, and stewardship.
  • Striving to promote intellectual freedom and critical and creative inquiry
  • Centering data-informed lines of inquiry that challenge the status quo.
  • Providing high-quality, timely, actionable, and user-friendly information and analysis services to support district and departmental decision-making.



The San Diego Community College District Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research seeks to be recognized within the District and the higher education community as a model of excellence and innovation, a resource for the District community, a source of accessible and reliable information, and for our commitment to the current, emerging, and future needs of our community.


Please contact us if you have a request for data or information.
IRB Review: Investigatory Guidelines For Research Using Human Subjects


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Enrollment & FTES

This section of the Institutional Effectiveness and Research website contains data and information for enrollment management. The state 320 FTES reports (period reports and final) that are submitted to the California Community College Chancellor's Office for apportionment funding are posted in this section along with an internal summary analysis report of FTES. This section also includes reports on productivity and efficiency measures such as FTES/FTEF and WSCH/FTEF, as well as reports for tracking supply (sections offered) and demand (enrollment fill and capacity reports).

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research reports

This section of the Institutional Effectiveness and Research website contains a variety of research reports that respond to the diverse needs and interests of the SDCCD constituencies, and the District communities. The reports provide critical information for program and service evaluations, planning and improvement efforts and accountability and grant writing. Many of the institutional level and districtwide foundational reports are posted in this section including: Fact Books, Facts On File, Scorecards and surveys.  

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