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Stephen Bass joined the SDCCD research team as a Research and Planning Analyst in April 2019. Prior to that, he worked a test prep tutor and educational consultant for a local non-profit, which led him to a Master’s in Education at SDSU. Stephen is passionate about supporting the development of programs that meet the needs of California’s increasingly diverse student population. At SDCCD, he has contributed to reporting on enrollment trends, transfer, distance education, dual enrollment and other high school partnerships, and other instructional programs.

Some of Steve’s main areas at the OIRP are: 

  • Enrollment Metric: Enrollment & Headcount
  • Online& Distance Education
  • CCAP and Dual Enrollment
  • AB705 and Basic Skills
  • Districtwide Assessment Committee Main researcher
  • Ad-hoc reports  for Instructional Services (honors, SDCE Transitions, Military)


Placida Camarillo joined the SDCCD research team in November 2017. Placida is passionate about supporting student success and mitigating inequalities in higher education. After completing her BA in cinema arts and technology, she followed her passion for student support and pursued a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. Prior to her current role, she was a college advisor to high school students in the Denver metro area.

Some of Placida’s main areas at the OIRP are: 

  • Cabinet Update Report scheduling (for reporting)
  • Supplies & Purchase requisitions for department
  • Support with validation and Projects finalization
  • Department Website maintenance
  • Illustrations/Infographics, or PPT design


Natalia Córdoba-Velásquez Alarcón is the Director of Institutional Research and Planning for the District Office. She has a Master’s of Business Administration, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, an Associate’s in Business and Professional Certificates in Training and Human Resources and Marketing. She joined the SDCCD on August 2018. Prior to the SDCCD, Natalia was the Director of Institutional Research at Hartnell College and Director of Institutional Research at Gavilan College. She also worked in Cabrillo College for twelve years in different roles, seven of those years, as an Institutional Research Analyst. Natalia also worked at University of California Santa Cruz for 3 years prior to starting in Community College. Natalia was an RP Board member for 2 years and is now looking for a Ph. D Program in Higher Ed.

Some of her main areas at the OIRP are: 

  • Enrollment Metric: Headcount &  tracking all metrics
  • Student Success Metrics
  • IPEDS Coordinator/CalPass/NSC liaison /CCCApply-special data
  • CCCCO DataMart
  • Career Technology Education
  • Internal Surveys: students, employees, climate, catalogue, etc.
  • External surveys: (HOPE, Employment Outcomes Survey, etc.)
  • Labor Market Information (EMSI, Economy Impact Study EIS)
  • Employment Equal Opportunity
  • Ad-hoc reports regarding external databases


Marc Grabiel joined SDCCD’s research team in March 2020 after almost 10 years of experience working as a researcher and educator both nationally and abroad. He is committed to increasing student success and eliminating equity gaps through an objective and systematic approach to educational research that supports evidence-based decision-making. Marc strives to provide actionable data that can help redefine the educational policies and approaches needed to improve student outcomes.

  • Enrollment Metric: Higher Demand and Fill Rate
  • Data Element Dictionary Maintenance
  • DSPS Reports
  • Student Profiles upcoming Dashboards (Credit and SDCE)
  • Syntax conversion from legacy to IRD


Patrick Panelli is a Research and Planning Analyst who joined the SDCCD research team in April 2017. He has over 10 years of experience in the University and Community College settings, starting in the Humboldt State University IRP office in 2009. Patrick enjoys working on program evaluations and program development, and finding new, creative ways to more efficiently give the academic and life supports needed by all of our incredible students.

Some of Patricks’ main areas at the OIRP are: 

  • Enrollment Metrics: All
  • Campus Solutions Data downloads 
  • SDCCD_IRD (Database design, maintenance, trouble shooting and training)
  • National Student Clearing House data mining and syntax developer
  • Hyperion expert
  • Statistical Analysis support
  • Ad- hoc reports from SDCCD databases (Legacy and IRD)


Jaime Seiverd joined the SDCCD research team in 2018, coming from a graduate program in Applied Anthropology that emphasizes research for social change. Their research interests are intersecting marginalized student identities and their impacts on student success, students’ sense of belonging to educational institutions, identifying and bridging equity gaps in higher education for disproportionately impacted students, and student-focused enrollment management.

Some of Jaime’s main areas at the OIRP are: 

  • Enrollment Metric: FTES, Productivity
  • State Report Apportionment report (320) 
  • Comprehensive studies (LGBTQ, Time/Units to  Completion)
  • Promise designated researcher
  • Ad-hoc reports for Enrollment management  

Brian Stern is a Research and Planning Analyst. He joined the SDCCD research team in April 2019. He has over 25 years of experience in institutional research at the pre-school, K-12, community college, and university levels. His research interests are intersegmental progression, curriculum alignment, and student equity.

Some of Brian’s main areas at the OIRP are: 

  • Enrollment Metric: Sections
  • Student Center Funding Formula- Simulations
  • Ad-hoc for Awards or Data on Demand (Chancellor’s Office) 
  • Support for IPEDS
  • Tableau Dashboards




Note: Due to COVID-19 and working remotely, our team is available by e-mail only.

Natalia Córdoba-Velásquez Alarcón, M.B.A.

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Patrick Panelli, B.S.
Research & Planning Analyst

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Brian Stern, Ph.D.                      
Research & Planning Analyst

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Jaime Seiverd, M.A.                     
Research & Planning Analyst


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Stephen Bass, M.A.
Research & Planning Analyst

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Marc Grabiel, B.S.
Research & Planning Analyst