Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management Page

Credit Colleges Dashboards Created Update Frequency
Cabinet Enrollment Management Dashboard 6/15/2021 Daily (Mon-Fri)
Daily/Historical Enrollment Management Dashboard 5/1/2021 Daily (Mon-Fri)
End of Term Enrollment Management Dashboard   Two months after the last day of each term
SDCCE Dashboards Created Update Frequency
College of Continuing Education Enrollment Management Dashboard 5/4/2021 Daily (Mon-Fri)

Student Profiles

Student Profiles Page

Dashboard Created Update Frequency
Student Profiles - Credit Colleges: 2021-2022 Census 2/22/2022 Every Primary Term
Student Profiles - Credit Colleges: 2021-2022 End of Term 9/28/2021 Every Term
Student Profiles - SDCCE: 2021-2022 9/28/2021 Every Term


Dashboard Created Update Frequency
DSPS Annual Report 2021-2022 5/20/2022 Yearly
DSPS Annual Report 2020-2021 12/2/2021 Yearly
DSPS Annual Report 2019-2020 12/2/2021 Yearly

Foundational Data

Dashboard Created Update Frequency
City College FactBook 4/15/2021 Yearly
Mesa College FactBook 4/16/2021 Yearly
Miramar College FactBook 4/17/2021 Yearly
SDCCE FactBook 4/18/2021 Yearly
District FactBook 4/19/2021 Yearly

Student Center Funding Formula

Dashboard Created Update Frequency
Student Center Funding Formula 7/20/2021 As needed