Economic & Workforce Development

Faculty & Counselor Work Experience for the Aviation Pathway

Funding: $50,000, Duration: 20 months

The SB 70 Grant, run by Project Director Dr. Amy Fraher at Miramar College, is approaching the halfway point in its 18 month cycle. To date the interdisciplinary grant team (consisting of aviation industry representatives, Miramar College administrators, counselors, and CTE faculty along with San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE)representatives, San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Office of College, Career and Technical Education and SDCCD Tech Prep Articulation representatives, and Alliant University social science research team) has met monthly, completed two worksite visits to NAVAIR aircraft rework facilities, attended a CTE graduation ceremony for aircraft artisans, and developed an in depth survey that was administered to NAVAIR supervisors during the 1st week of April. Two new degrees/certificates have been conceptualized, a "career progression flowchart" has been developed, and results of the survey will be used to drive course curriculum development projects at Miramar which will be completed by a "tiger team" this summer. In addition to SB 70 grant funds, $4,800 of in-kind donations has been contributed to the project so far.


Career Progression flowchart

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