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Intersession begins Jan. 3

December 1, 2016
San Diego Community College District

More than 100 course sessions will be available for students between the fall and spring semesters, marking the first intersession since state budget cuts prompted the San Diego Community College District to eliminate the offering in 2009-10.

Between 6,000 and 7,000 students are expected to enroll in courses that are available from Jan. 3 through 27. Students will continue to pay the low cost of $46 per unit, and can complete a three-unit class in just four weeks. Most classes meet a few hours daily.

See the Class Schedule

“Intersession will be focused on high-demand courses that students need to complete their degree, and a larger proportion of the classes will be online compared to fall, spring, and summer,” said Lynn Neault, Vice Chancellor of Student Services.

“An improved state budget, sound fiscal planning by the Board of Trustees, and growing student demand allowed the District to reinstitute intersession this year,” Neault said.

Class schedules will be available online October 31 and on campuses November 8. Registration by appointment will open November 14 and last through December 9, 2016. Students may register for Intersession classes using their Spring 2017 registration appointment. Open registration runs from December 12-30.

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