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This form is used to report an issue with the San Diego Community College District Office site. If you have an issue regarding one of the college websites, please go to that site to report the issue.


This form has nothing to do with the Student section of the web site. Any problems you encounter with your Student Services Portal are handled by the Student Services HelpDesk. Please contact them at the email address/web site/phone number below and they will be able to assist you.

Student Services HelpDesk

Technical Information

  • Chromebooks do not work well with mySDCCD. Chromebook users should download Firefox in the Google Play Store to access the portal.
  • Compatible browsers: Safari OS X(8+)/iOS(8.0.2+), Chrome Win(43+)/Android(5+), Edge(25+), IE(11), Firefox(42+)

To help us address your concern most effectively, please see “Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites” for tips on the information we need to make improvements.

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