Mission & Goals

Mission Statement
The mission of the San Diego Community College District is to provide accessible, high-quality learning experiences, and undergraduate education at an affordable price to meet the educational needs of the San Diego community and the state.

Shared Values: Shared Vision
The San Diego Community College District is a multicultural institution with diverse colleges and Continuing Education campuses and varied priorities. However, we are bound together as an operational unit by a philosophical base of shared values and a shared vision of the future. We are committed to access and success for all students. We are an institution which responds to the unique needs of local communities and student populations. We share an important role as a builder of communities from the classroom to the campus and beyond to the larger components of society. To these ends, teaching and learning are our highest priorities as we move forward in the 21st century. The mission is evaluated and revised on a regular basis.

Strategic Goals

  • Maximize student access, learning, and success through exemplary instruction and support services.
  • Strengthen our institutional effectiveness through innovation, continuous process and systems improvement, staff development, and enhanced internal collaboration.
  • Enhance collaborations with the community for increased responsiveness to its needs.
  • Ensure fiscal solvency through sound fiscal planning and management.
  • Lead in sustainable policies and practices.

Strategic Plan
The District is proud to present our Strategic Plan for 2023-2030.