How to do business with the District

How to do business with the District

Interested Suppliers
Please register your company with PlanetBids ( Only suppliers capable of providing the District with goods and certain types of services should register. This website allows suppliers to create their Supplier Application online and revise their information on an as-needed basis. Suppliers that submit a Supplier Application are added to our suppliers database for potential bidders and will receive notification via email of upcoming bids for the commodities they have designated.

Construction-related bids are conducted through the District's Facilities Management Department (separate from Purchasing and Contract Services). 

Your Supplier Application remains active for one year from the date it is created. Businesses that fail to login to the Supplier Application Website at least once per year are inactivated and will not receive bid notifications from us. This database is maintained only as a courtesy to our suppliers; it does not guarantee a bid notification will be sent. Remember, whenever your company changes addresses, contact persons, or email addresses, it is YOUR responsibility to update this information on your application. The District is not responsible for misdirected email messages.

In compliance with the California Education Code 81641, all our Bids/RFP's are posted by The Daily Transcript. In addition, we will post our bids on this website for your information and convenience. Click here to view the Bid / RFP Invitations.

Gifts and Gratuities

It is the District's expectation that those who conduct business with San Diego Community College District refrain from offering gifts, gratuities, favors, entertainment, etc., either directly or indirectly to District employees. The "Conduct of Contractor" terms and conditions are located on the District's website and referenced on each Purchase Order for your convenience. Notice on Gifts and Gratuities