Calling All Steward Leaders to the 2017 California Economic Summit

October 5, 2017 | San Diego Community College District

As steward leaders we are called to address the social, economic and environmental conditions in California, the nation and the world by promoting public actions and private choices that contribute to a vibrant, just and sustainable future – a prosperity shared among us and with future generations. 

The conditions are ominous: Increasing poverty, income inequality and the escalating cost of living in California taint the illusion of a vibrant economy. Technological and other disruptions are eroding the social compact that hard work leads to economic security. The implications of climate change are surpassing our adaption strategies. And deep ideological divisions are poisoning our ability for the civil engagement required for collective action.

But these challenges are not insurmountable. The solutions are not beyond us.

Since 2012, California Forward and partners in the California Economic Summit have articulated and advanced an evolving public agenda for shared prosperity. We now seek to accelerate that progress with an even stronger commitment to more explicit goals, and an affirmation of the Summit as a venue for respectful and candid engagement among those of different minds.

At the 2017 California Economic Summit on November 2-3 in San Diego we will come together to accelerate progress on housing, workforce and water sustainability, and further, we seek to articulate a compelling vision and clear strategy for improving incomes, economic security and upward mobility.

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