Work at the SDCCD? Here are some Twitter accounts you should be following

November 28, 2016 | San Diego Community College District

Community is one of the greatest sources of pride throughout the San Diego Community College District. Although sometimes, it’s hard to feel connected to one another when everyone is spread out around the district. Fortunately, social media gives us the opportunity to keep the conversation going with people we only see occasionally or start the conversation with colleagues we’ve never met before. If you want to get started or add to your list here are some Twitter accounts in and around our SDCCD community that you should know about.

Twitter logo, Larry Bird@SimBarhoum – Sim Barhoum, English professor at Mesa College. From Sim’s Twitter feed it’s easy to see he’s passionate about teaching, students, community and family. If you need a little inspiration for your day you’ll find it here.

@SDJackB - Jack Beresford, Communications Director at the District Office. As the Communications Director, Jack always knows what’s going on in the district and usually knows it before everyone else. You can keep up with the latest district news here. He also loves hitting the beach, so you can expect some cool surf photos too.

@letyplopez - Leticia P Lopez, Spanish professor and co-coordinator of the SEEDS Scholars Program at Mesa College. Like so many professors Leticia’s pride in her students and campus shines through on social media. Her posts spotlight diversity, student success, and community in the classroom and around campus.

@DrLukeWood - Dr. Luke Wood, San Diego State University professor. Dr. Wood is a prominent advocate for boys and men of color and supporting their education. He has given lectures and seminars throughout our district to bring awareness to faculty and staff regarding the challenges that young men of color can face while pursuing their education. He’s encouraging educators to work together to ensure equity among our students. You can always learn something new on his Twitter feed.

@carllunaman - Carl Luna, Political Science professor at Mesa College. Carl has been all over the San Diego  TV airwaves helping explain the recent election. He has useful insights and knows how to clearly explain the issues. Head here if you’re interested in staying current on local or national politics.

@dmaduliwilliams - D Maduli-Williams, ESL and English professor at Miramar College. D Maduli-Williams brings technology and social media into her classroom to keep her lessons innovative and interesting.

@ogul – HigherEdHero (aka David Ogul), freelance writer at the District Office. David covers community college news throughout San Diego County and writes for the district’s NewsCenter and WE Magazine. He’s very much on the pulse of higher education throughout our community.

@katiepala - Katie Palacios, Instructional Design Coordinator. Katie is passionate about helping educators learn how to incorporate technology, video and supplemental materials into the classroom. These tools are especially important with online courses. Never stop learning!

@itsvasquez2u - Beto Vasquez, Outreach Coordinator at Continuing Education. Beto is all about bringing people together. As an outreach coordinator it’s his job to keep students and alumni .

@dustchick - Lisa Will, Physics and Astronomy professor at City College. Lisa’s Twitter page is proof that there’s always something new and exciting going on in the name of science.  This is a place where you can geek out about anything from Clone Wars to Pluto without judgment. If you’re not that hard-core, you should still visit for the amazing pictures of the cosmos.

Honorable Mention – Best Username

@ahandsintheair - Ashanti Hands, Vice President of Student Services at Mesa College. Ashanti Hands is all about leadership and lifting people up. Her social media posts focus on equity, diversity and celebrating the success of faculty, staff and students.


Staff on Twitter 

The district has compiled a list of Staff on Twitter to help us keep track of all the wonderful things happening throughout the district. If you don’t see your name on the list just DM us and we’ll be sure to add you.

Did you know that our chancellor and all of our presidents are on Twitter? Of course you did. And I’m sure most of us are already following them. But, just in case there are a few people who are just getting their Twitter accounts started here’s where you can find our leaders.

SDCCD Chancellor Constance M. Carroll, Ph.D., - @carrollsdccd

San Diego City College Interim President Denise S. Whisenhunt, J.D. - @Knightsdw1

San Diego Mesa College President Pamela Luster, Ed.D. - @SDMesaPrez

San Diego Miramar College President Patricia Hsieh, Ed.D. - @HsiehSDMiramar

San Diego Continuing Education President Carlos Cortez, Ph.D.  - @SDCEPresident


Main accounts for the District Office, Colleges, CE and Police Department are as follows:

San Diego Community College District - @SDCCD

City College - @sdcitycollege

Mesa College - @sdmesacollege

Miramar College - @SDMiramar

Continuing Ed - @sdce

SDCCD Police - @SDCCDPolice

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