RateMyProfessors.com gives high marks to Miramar College faculty

September 19, 2015 | San Diego Community College District

Students from across the United States have had their say and San Diego Miramar College ranks 13th in the Highest Rated Junior and Community Colleges Top Lists for 2014-15 released by RateMyProfessors.com.  

Miramar College is one of only four community colleges in California to rank in the top 15.

“This is a testament to the wonderful faculty we have here at San Diego Miramar College,” said Dr. Patricia Hsieh, president of San Diego Miramar College. “One of our guiding principles here at Miramar College is to be ‘best-in-class’ when it comes to serving the needs of our students and this honor demonstrates that we are making a significant impact in that area.”

The average rating for a Miramar College professor was 3.7 on a scale of 5. The college had more than 30 instructors score a perfect 5. The nation’s highest average belonged to Santa Barbara City College at 3.93.

Miramar College also scored a 3.8 overall quality rating as a school with campus, location and happiness all scoring 4.3 out of 5.

According to Rate My Professors.com, professors are ranked according to the following methodology: Each individual professor rating is first standardized and, subsequently, the standardized scores for the past three years are weighted, putting more weight on recent years and less weight on ratings from the past (15 percent for 2013, 25 percent for 2014, 60 percent for 2015). Using the weighted score, professors are ranked from high to low.

Only professors with 30 ratings or more are included to provide statistical significance. It should also be noted that school size does not affect the outcome of the lists nor does it give professors from larger schools an advantage over their corollaries from smaller schools. 

See the full list here.

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