A conference at City College addressing how to help formerly incarcerated youth avoid recidivism

Adjusting to a life of freedom

April 22, 2016 | San Diego Community College District

San Diego City College and the San Diego Community College District are partnering with the San Diego Foundation for a study that could help formerly incarcerated youth – from 14 to 29 years old – transition back into society. 

The San Diego Foundation has secured $200,000 in technical assistance from the National Council on Crime & Delinquency to study the possibility of creating a new program providing educational opportunities, transitional housing, and support services to formerly incarcerated youth.

“Students in the program would have access to teachers, graduate students and academic counselors who can tutor and advise them, and provide peer support as needed,” said City College President Dr. Anthony Beebe.

Others taking part in the effort include the San Diego County Probation Department, the San Diego Housing Commission, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, and the San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency, among others.

“We want to help more young adults find constructive pathways away from the criminal justice system,” said Adolfo Gonzales, Chief Probation Officer for the County of San Diego.

The foundation of the program rests on providing stable housing near public transportation with access to a community college and employment opportunities.


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