Message to Community College Baccalaureate Supporters

February 21, 2018 | Constance M. Carroll, Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District

Dear Colleagues:

Chancellor Judy Miner and I want you to know that Senator Jerry Hill has just filed SB 1406,
which would extend the existing baccalaureate pilot program by allowing students to enroll in
programs as late as 2022, thereby extending the pilot. The bill is attached for your
reference. Coauthors of the bill at this time include Senators Jim Beall (San Jose), Bill Dodd
(Napa), Steven Glazer (Orinda), Josh Newman (Fullerton), Henry Stern (Canoga Park), and
Scott Wilk (Santa Clarita) – if you know other legislators who might like to sign on, please
encourage them and please let Nate Solov in Senator Hill’s Office know (

Read SB 1406

This time around, I am delighted that we have the support of the State Chancellor’s Office,
which was part of crafting the language of extension. They have assured us that they will
submit this to the CCC Board of Governors with a recommendation to approve it as well. This
will mean the we go into this legislative effort with the support of both the Community College
League of California and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office/Board of
Governors. Your legislative contacts will also be essential. As the bill moves through the
process, we will keep you advised so that you can participate in the advocacy effort.

This spring, we will also benefit from the fact that students will be graduating with their B.S.
degrees from some of the pilot programs. This will yield important data about job acquisition,
promotions, salary levels, and other important information that was not available when the
Legislative Analyst’s Office recently published its interim report. It will be important for the 15
pilot programs to share information about these accomplishments, including media stories, so
that we can make this information available to members of the legislature on an ongoing basis.

As always, thank you for your support. 

Dr. Constance M. Carroll
San Diego Community College District

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