Emergency aid for dreamers

March 9, 2018 | San Diego Community College District

The Budget Act of 2017 (AB 134) authorized $7,000,000 in funds to be distributed to colleges for providing emergency aid to Dreamer students with an identified need.

The district recently received clarification from the Chancellor’s Office that students do not need to initiate the request to access these funds and colleges may proactively disburse the funds to students in need. 

- Student must complete the California Dream Act Application (CADAA) or BOG Fee Waiver (BOGW)

- Student must have demonstrated financial need

- Student can only receive the emergency grant from the campus of record

Effective immediately, the following process will be put in place:
- The Financial Aid Offices are analyzing the number of remaining eligible DACA students who have not been awarded the Emergency Aid Grant. 

- Based on the amount of remaining funds and financial need, colleges will award and disburse (maximum possible award = $500) the emergency aid grant until funds are depleted.

- Email communication will be sent out to DACA students who have received the grant informing them of the award.

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