San Diego City College President Ricky Shabazz in a medical training room.

San Diego City College President Ricky Shabazz.

New TV spot highlights District’s role training local 'heroes'

May 18, 2020 | San Diego Community College District

To highlight the San Diego Community College District’s role in training local first responders, health care professionals, and other essential workers, the district has produced a new TV commercial entitled “Heroes Are Made Here.” The 30-second spot, featuring each of the district’s presidents, is also intended as a thank you to everyone in San Diego who has helped the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The San Diego Community College District is appreciative of all those on the front lines of the region’s COVID-19 response,” said SDCCD Director of Communications and Public Relations, Jack Beresford. “This includes many students, employees, and alumni from our colleges and Continuing Education who are the fabric of our local workforce.”

Shooting for “Heroes Are Made Here” took place with the presidents in early May at the campuses, which have been closed since March 23 due to social distancing requirements. The locations spotlight just a few of the programs that are producing graduates who are playing key roles in the pandemic response.

For example, City College President Ricky Shabazz is seen in the college’s Nursing Education lab. City College has one of the largest local nursing programs and several of the college’s nursing faculty and alumni have been treating COVID-19 patients in local hospital emergency rooms and assisted care facilities.

Mesa College President Pamela Luster was filmed in a biology lab – to emphasize the role college alumni are playing in the search for vaccines. In addition, President Luster also appears in one of the college’s new geographic information systems computer labs, where students are taught skills that could assist in tracking viruses such as COVID-19 and aid in developing ways to prevent its spread.

Miramar College Interim President Marsha Gable is seen walking across the “grinder” at the college’s fire technology program, where future firefighters receive training. The program is part of Miramar College’s School of Public Safety, which trains the majority of the region’s first responders including fire, police, EMTs, and lifeguards.

Lastly, Continuing Education President Carlos O. Turner Cortez appears inside the culinary arts kitchen at the Educational Cultural Complex. Culinary arts is one of several certificate programs offered by Continuing Education that leads to careers in the restaurant business. Recently, students from the program have helped prepare and deliver meals to local hospitals as a thank you to medical professionals and other staff.

“Heroes Are Made Here” is being shared via social media and may also be featured on a limited basis on local TV stations. It was produced by Jack Beresford and David Brooks – of the SDCCD Communications and Public Relations department.

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