Discussion with Kay Ulanday Barrett about ableism and disability justice

October 12, 2021 | San Diego Community College District

Kay Ulanday Barrett is a poet, performer, and educator, navigating life as a disabled Filipinx-Amerikan transgender queer in the U.S. with struggle, resistance, and laughter. Join them for this workshop and performance to learn about ableism and an intro to disability justice from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Thursday, October 14, 2021.

Kay Ulanday Barrett
Kay Ulanday Barrett

This poetic performance dares us to understand and adore our whole selves. Being Disabled, Sick, Chronically Ill, Deaf, and/or being Brilliant/Crazy are often understood as flawed. Also, as Transgender & Queer People of Color you can be impacted by displacement and migration. Ultimately, we survive in struggles that are alienated and dehumanized. How can we come to a place of honoring ourselves fully? You are invited to embrace a sexy, complicated, sacred, powerful, and amazing lineage. Join the Zoom Meeting here.

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