SDCCD Spring Operations Update

January 19, 2022 | San Diego Community College District

SDCCD Community:

COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly throughout San Diego County and the District will further delay the return to in-person work assignments for many employees until Tuesday, February 22. Employees whose job duties cannot be performed remotely will continue to work onsite as previously directed and outlined in the January 11 update. Specific decisions on class modalities and work assignments will be made within each college and District division based on operational needs and communicated to employees directly.

1.      Remote assignments extended through February 18, 2022

2.      Resuming phased-in return to onsite activities February 22, 2022

3.      Full return to onsite activities in March 2022

4.      Remote start for some in-person courses

Employees working remotely should plan to return to in-person work assignments three days per week for the weeks of February 22–25 and February 28 – March 4 and full-time beginning Monday, March 7.

Student enrollment for the spring semester continues to heavily favor online courses and many courses scheduled to be in-person initially have been transitioned online. The colleges will be delaying the start of in-person instruction in courses which can be effectively delivered online until the week of February 22. Specific information on individual courses will be provided locally at each college.

While there are positive signs we are approaching the peak of the spread of the omicron variant in our region and this will be the final delay in our timeline for the spring semester, our flexibility remains a critical component in continuing to serve our communities during the pandemic. Thank you for your continued caution and efforts to keep your families and communities safe.

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