Board Report: March 23, 2023

March 24, 2023 | San Diego Community College District

Special Report to the Public:

Geysil Arroyo

Trustee Geysil Arroyo thanked the commenters who spoke about the need for childcare within the District, which she could relate to as a mother. She said that during the March 21 Joint Board meeting she was happy to hear about the partnerships and engagements taking place between the four colleges in relation to safety and belonging as basic needs and thanked Mesa College President Ashanti Hands who shared about opportunities to enroll parents of those students who were considering attending one of the District’s colleges. Finally, she said that she attended former Board Member Peter Zschiesche’s birthday celebration, which was held at City College, and noted that space on all campuses are available for event rental.

Craig Milgrim

Trustee Craig Milgrim stated that he appreciated those who came forward to speak about childcare, which he has and will continue to advocate for throughout his tenure as a trustee. He noted that several childcare experts have been appointed to the Trustee Advisory Council (TAC). He is hopeful that the possible bond will include childcare at every one of the District's facilities.

Dr. Maria Nieto Senour

Trustee Maria Nieto Senour thanked those who spoke about childcare and mentioned that she could relate as she started her first teaching job a month before her son was born and noted the struggles of being a working mother. She also attended former trustee Zschiesche’s birthday.

Dr. Carlos O. Cortez

Chancellor Carlos Cortez reported that year-to-year, the District's credit colleges are up approximately 9% in enrollment and headcount at SDCCE is up by 30% year-to-year. He said that City College hosted the Immigration Legal Services Regional Convening led by the Foundation for California Community Colleges and with representatives in attendance from Higher Education Legal Services/JFS, the California Department of Social Services, and various Region X colleges. The convening focused on student support issues and Dean of Equity and Special Funded Programs Lillian Garcia facilitated the event. He reported that Mesa College faculty Veronica Gerace, Janue Johnson, Edeama Jonah, and Manuel Velez presented at the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Statewide Symposium on Equal Employment Opportunities on Friday, March 17 in Anaheim. Their presentations on ideas for hiring and retraining diverse faculty were shared with state senators to highlight funding imperatives. He congratulated Miramar College Executive Assistant to the President Malia Kunst, who was confirmed by the Board as the District’s nominee for Classified Employee of the Year. In partnership with Promises2Kids, San Diego College of Continuing Education submitted a grant through the office of Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins to support transition-age foster youth. SDCCE will serve this vulnerable population with intensive case management, supports that remove barriers to success and incentives for course persistence and completion. The $1.7 million in joint funding includes $682,000 for the Gateway to College and Career Program that already houses the transition-age foster youth program. Chancellor Cortez reported that two District-sponsored bills (AB 634 and AB 91) are moving out of the Assembly to the Senate. He said that, along with the four college presidents, he attended the Community College League of California's annual CEO Symposium. He noted the San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego Community College District held their 11th annual Joint Board meeting on March 21. Finally, he shared his report with Vice Chancellor, Operations, Enterprise Services, and Facilities, Joel Peterson who shared that the Police Advisory Committee is meeting on Friday and will discuss proposed bylaws and the police uniform pilot program, as well as provide updates about the addition of mental health positions within College Police. He said standard operating procedures have been drafted and will be shared out after the Friday meeting, and that a police cadet program is in development for student employment opportunities. He also reported that he has received a preliminary summary by FM3 Research on the Props S and N bond campaign completion.

Phoebe Truong

Student Trustee Phoebe Truong reported that San Diego City College hosted a Social Justice and Education Conference on March 15-16; that Student Trustee Diego Bethea will be attending an upcoming environmental conference; and an enrollment forum will be held on March 24. She also reported that at San Diego Mesa College, the Associated Students passed a resolution for the preservation of lifelong learning and self-development courses similar to the one the board would consider at this meeting; on March 16 and 23 the college hosted therapy talk events in collaboration with health services, and on March 11 held a Jumpstart event for prospective students. San Diego Miramar College Student Affairs hosted a March 22 Club Rush. She said San Diego College of Continuing Education hosted various women’s history month events; held a job interview workshop on March 15 and a March 22 hiring event for summer positions. SDCCE is offering education plan assistance from March 14-April 13, and will hold its scholarship ceremony on April 21.


At its regular meeting of March 23, 2023, which was conducted in-person, with online participation available, the Board of Trustees:

- Heard public comment from Stefanie Johnson Shipman, Johanna Aleman, Wendy Smith, Mona Alsoraimi-Espiritu, Maria Pina, and Norell Martinez who spoke about the need for childcare access as a basic need for all students and employees of the District; and from David Merino who spoke about technology issues and the roadblocks they create in registration and communication with professors. City College Academic Senate (AS) President Maria-Jose Zeledon-Perez shared her experience at a drag show at the LGBTQ+ Center on campus with a lot of energy and student participation. She also reported on the college’s Social Justice Conference and that City College will host an enrollment management forum on March 24 with more than 100 people scheduled to attend. She concluded by saying the AS is working on the college mission with strong participation by the Associated Student Government (ASG). Mesa College AS President John Crocitti spoke about an article in the Financial Times on AB 1887, which restricts state-funded travel to certain states based on those states’ anti-LGBTQ+ policies. Unfortunately, there are some unintended consequences from this law, which includes the fact that many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are located in states that are banned from state travel. This precludes both students and transfer coordinators from traveling to participate in tours and/or to sign transfer agreements. Miramar College AS Vice President Carmen Carrasquillo Jay reported that the AS hosted its first hybrid meeting, that the college is in the process of developing an eight-week course workgroup, and that there are 54 applicants for the three AS scholarships. She continued that the college hosted a successful planning summit on March 17, and that the Honors Program is hosting a research and arts conference. She concluded by offering congratulations to men’s basketball coach Nick Gehler who was recognized as Coach of the Year and several students who are also recipients of national awards.

- Adopted revisions to a Chapter 2 – Board of Trustees Board Policy.

- Approved the nomination of Trustees Barry Snell, Santa Monica Community College District (CCD); Loren Steck, Monterey Peninsula CCD; Suzanne Lee Chan, Ohlone CCD; Marisa Perez, Cerritos CCD; Barbara Dunsheath, North Orange County CCD; Hortencia Armendariz, Imperial CCD; Roberto Rodriguez, Palomar CCD; Carmen Ramirez, Merced CCD, and Andra Hoffman, Los Angeles CCD to the California Community College Trustees (CCCT) Board of Directors of the Community College League of California (CCLC).

- Approved the Board Meeting Schedule for July 2023 through December 2023; and approved the nomination of Malia Kunst (Executive Assistant to the President – San Diego Miramar College) as the District’s nominee for the California Community Colleges Classified Employee of the Year Award for 2023, to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

- Following public comment from Nathan Resch, adopted resolutions in support of preserving Lifelong Learning, Self-Development and Physical Education/Kinesiology/Health Education opportunities for California Community Colleges; and excusing Trustee Mary Graham from attendance at the March 23, 2023, Board Meeting due to a hardship.

- Authorized an agreement with healthcare agencies for use of clinical facilities by students enrolled in District health occupation programs.

- Authorized student travel to Riverside for City College students to attend the Western Psychological Association Annual Meeting from April 26-30,2023; to Mammoth Lakes for Mesa College geology and oceanography students to study geoscience career paths from June 5-14, 2023; and for the Mesa College Department of Languages study abroad program to Madrid, Spain June 17, 2023, through July 14, 2023.

- Accepted a grant from the California Department of Rehabilitation for the districtwide Cooperative WorkAbility III program.

- Adopted a resolution authorizing Finance and Business Services to make general fund/unrestricted budgetary and financial Intrafund and Interfund transfers retroactively to April 1, 2023, through the end of fiscal year June 30.

- Adopted the San Diego County Treasurer’s Pooled Money Fund Investment Policy as the SDCCD’s Investment Policy.

- Following comments by Vice Chancellor Kelly Hall, authorized the executive vice chancellor to negotiate and execute a contract with Norton Rose Fulbright for Bond Counsel on financial matters and continuing disclosures related to the District’s desire to pursue a bond measure in 2024.

- Revised the classification descriptions for director positions in Range 21 and 20 of the Management Association salary schedule to be associate vice chancellor position titles to align with the classification structures at the District colleges and to reflect the level of responsibility of the positions.

- Approved purchase orders completed during February 2023; new or revised courses and programs; and various personnel actions including the certification of short-term personnel service effective on or after March 24, 2023.

- Heard a report by Student Trustees Diego Bethea, Phoebe Truong, Allen Kuo, and Julia Kogan on their participation in state and federal advocacy visits.

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