A College Police officer rides a bike through the San Diego City College campus.

A College Police officer rides a bike through the San Diego City College campus. (SDCCD File Photo)

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month

September 7, 2023 | San Diego Community College District

September marks National Campus Safety Awareness Month, a time to remind ourselves of the importance of staying vigilant and proactive when it comes to safety on campus. Presented below are five straightforward tips to maintain safety on campus, along with information and resources related to SDCCD campus safety.

Five Ways to Stay Safe on Campus

  • Trust your instincts: Your intuition is a powerful tool. If a situation feels off or uncomfortable, trust your instincts and remove yourself from it. Your safety is paramount, and it's better to prioritize your well-being over anyone else's feelings or opinions. If someone pressures you, feel empowered to make an excuse and leave.
  • Be aware and stay alert: Pay attention to your surroundings. If you're walking alone, keep one ear free of headphones to remain vigilant. Opt for well-trafficked routes, keep your phone charged, and avoid isolating yourself with unfamiliar individuals. Staying aware of your surroundings is key to preventing potential dangers.
  • Support and advocate for others: Strengthen our campus community by looking out for one another. Report inappropriate or risky behavior, assist those in need of support or medical attention, and use available resources to learn about crisis prevention and response strategies.
  • Understand Your Rights: One of the cornerstones of ensuring safety on campus is recognizing your rights under Title IX. As mandated by federal law, colleges that receive federal funding, including SDCCD, are responsible for safeguarding their community against sex-based discrimination and sexual violence. This includes prompt investigation of incidents and providing support for victims. You have the right to an environment free from harassment and violence.
  • Know where to seek support: You should always call 911 in an emergency, but it’s also helpful to know where to seek support for campus safety-related issues. Please bookmark the SDCCD Title IX and College Police websites, which will direct you to relevant officials, hotlines, and additional resources.
Want to Learn More?

To learn more about campus safety at the San Diego Community College District, please review the Safe and Sound Brochure for a detailed report that includes important statistics and policies concerning campus safety at SDCCD.

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