Growing Support Services for Student Success

February 3, 2023 | San Diego Community College District

San Diego Mesa College has been included in the second cohort of higher education institutions participating in the Generation Hope FamilyU technical assistance program. 

Through FamilyU, Generation Hope partners such as Mesa College will be able to increase and support students who are parenting while in college, so they can complete their programs and graduate.

Parenting students account for one in five undergraduate college students nationwide; a population whose odds of college completion are far lower. Despite having higher GPAs than students without children, parenting students are 10 times less likely to graduate due to inadequate support systems.

Mesa College was chosen in part due to having an existing supportive and dedicated team that can initiate and implement strategies to better serve our student parents, along with the readiness to engage in interventions designed to build and refine institutional competencies to improve student parent success.

Mesa College is currently gathering information from students about their respective needs and will implement supportive activities in the coming year.

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