Board Report: April 25, 2024

April 26, 2024 | San Diego Community College District

Special Report to the Public:

Mary Graham

Trustee Mary Graham thanked the San Diego College of Continuing Education for its presentation and noted that she was particularly impressed by the college’s credit by exam efforts.

Craig Milgrim

Trustee Craig Milgrim acknowledged Research and Planning Analyst Stephen Bass for helping him craft a description of the importance of community colleges in relation to STEM for a report he’s working on for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He also thanked College of Continuing education for its presentation, noting the non-credit to credit lab portion and said he hopes to see some expansion for further opportunities.

Bernie Rhinerson

Trustee Bernie Rhinerson thanked College of Continuing Education for hosting the meeting. He shared that scholarship events at the colleges mark the start of “smile season,” and that he attended Mesa College’s event on April 24. Board President Rhinerson reported he also attended City College’s administrative professionals event and its grand opening of the Fresh Cutz Barbershop where they are providing “grooming and guidance” to students. He recognized Vice Chancellor Joel Peterson and his staff who have been working on a project list with him and Trustee Milgrim as part of the Facilities Subcommittee for the 2024 Bond the District hopes to bring forward in the November election.  

Dr. Maria Nieto Senour

Trustee Maria Nieto Senour congratulated the College of Continuing Education presenters, and commended the staffs at San Diego Mesa and San Diego Miramar colleges who organized their recent scholarship award events.

Gregory Smith 

Chancellor Gregory Smith Reported that Senate Bill 895 and Assembly Bill 2104, which would establish a pilot program for community college nursing baccalaureate degrees, were unanimously supported by the respective committees and moved forward in the process; the District continues to advocate for both bills. He shared that the SDCCD has met recently with Assemblymembers Akilah Weber, David Alvarez and Chris Ward, and Senators Toni Akins and Steve Padilla all of whom he noted are elected leaders committed to access, belonging, and success in higher education and who understand the critical role of community colleges. Ahead of Governor Gavin Newsom’s revision to the proposed 2024-2025 budget, expected May 15, Chancellor Smith reported that he addressed the Assembly Subcommittee on Education Finance on the impact of the Student Centered Funding Formula on community college finance and how it has disproportionately reduced funding for colleges in high cost of living areas like San Diego, and he hopes in the coming years the inequities can be addressed resulting in greater investment in SDCCD students and the local community.

Chancellor Smith congratulated President Tina M. King and all those involved with the campus presentation, and he noted the great work of the North City campus and the rest of College of Continuing Education in supporting students and adult learning communities. He thanked the classified professionals and supervisors who helped make the meeting possible. Chancellor Smith, in acknowledgement of Administrative Professionals Week, also thanked Margaret Lamb, Amanda Ficken-Davis, Kat Lerma, and Carla Ozgunduz for their service to the Chancellor's Office and the Board of Trustees. He reported that he attended the Mesa and Miramar Scholarship Ceremonies, and thanked the foundations, organizations, and individuals who donate their time and money to addressing financial barriers faced by students. He shared that he attended the American Association of Community College’s conference where three sessions were hosted by District members. He noted that artificial intelligence was a big focus and he thanked Vice Chancellor Michelle Fischthal for the work she’s done to date looking at the upsides and pitfalls of AI and other emerging technologies as tools in teaching and learning. He also thanked City, Mesa and Miramar colleges for hosting him in welcome receptions throughout April, which provided him an opportunity to reintroduce himself and meet many people uplifting the District and communities. Chancellor Smith attended the grand opening of the Fresh Cutz Barbershop and acknowledged President Ricky Shabazz on the innovative way he is brining safe spaces to our Black and Latino students. He also shared his report with Dan Troy, who later in the meeting would have his contract approved to become the next Vice Chancellor of Finance and Business Services.

Adriana Dos Santos

Student Trustee Adriana Dos Santos reported that City College hosted on April 18 an Open House and Research Symposium that drew more than 1,000 visitors to campus. She shared that Mesa College is working on a 2030 climate action plan. Student Trustee Dos Santos reported that Miramar College held an Art Fest on April 12, which was a cross-collaborative club effort. She also shared that College of Continuing Education will host its scholarship award event on Friday, April 26.


At its regular meeting of April 25, 2024, which was conducted in-person, with online participation available, the Board of Trustees:

- Conducted a campus meeting in a hybrid format with College of Continuing Education that included welcome remarks from President Tina M. King, Classified Senate President Neill Kovrig, Academic Senate President Richard Weinroth, and Student Trustee Adriana Dos Santos; a Land and Labor Acknowledgement by Neill Kovrig; and presentations focused on 110 Years by President King; Student Support Programs, Affinity Programs and CalWORKs Program by Franklin Garrett and students Jameelah Jones and Odette Kyamba. Enrollment Services by Maureen Rubalcaba; A.I.R. by Bradley Dorschel and Armin Rashvand; Clothing and Textiles by Shirley Pierson; Noncredit to Credit Alignment Lab and ELL Grant by Minou Spradley; ELL Grant by Cindy Ybarra; Foundation Highlights by Tami Foy; Foster Youth Program by Myesha Jackson; and closing remarks, including an update on a Veteran’s Resource Center, by President King.

- Heard public comment from Mitzi Salgado on behalf of the Transborder Institute asking the District to implement AB 91; and from Cynthia Suarez, Masha Melnik Evpak, and Ricardo Madueno Montanez in support of the 32 hour work week. City College Academic Senate (AS) President María-José Zeledón-Pérez shared that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) plenary was held April 18-20 with many resolutions considered. All but one was adopted. Part-time faculty equity rights were supported and as well as the protection of academic freedom, the community college nursing baccalaureate, expanding the Promise to baccalaureate students, and other proposals. A  revised administrative procedure for academic probation was developed that is intended to support students, not punish them. Mesa College AS President Andrew Hoffman reminded the Board that just a few months ago Mesa College students spoke to the impact of AB 1705 on STEM students and that he was happy to tell the Mesa ASG that some type of effort was made on a statewide level, as a resolution was adopted at the recent plenary. He continued by reading a resolution passed by the Mesa College AS reaffirming free speech and academic freedom around the Palestinian discourse. Miramar College AS President Pablo Martin reported that a workgroup of faculty will be convened in fall to look at the college’s budget and the faculty’s role. Elections were held with Martin being re-elected and other executive officers elected. In two weeks, a resolution will seek support for equal rights for adjunct faculty compensation. Area D for the statewide senate is taking a leading role in statewide issues including writing articles, making presentations, and submitting resolutions. College of Continuing Education AS President Richard Weinroth acknowledged an article from the Wall Street Journal on how Generation Z has become the toolbelt generation with more young workers going into the trades rather than the traditional college track, which fits with CCE’s mission. At the plenary, he shared that he learned a lot about AI and acknowledged Vice Chancellor Michelle Fischthal for her leadership on this topic as well as his senate colleagues. CCE submitted a resolution at the plenary affirming equitable and affordable access to students of all ages in the face of calls to make enrichment programs, such as the emeritus program, fee based.

Adopted resolutions in support of AB 2007 (Boerner) to establish the Unicorn Homes Pilot Program and SB 1491 (Eggman and Atkins) for Equity in Higher Education; proclaiming the week of May 19-25, 2024 as Classified Professionals Week; and to amend the resolution passed January 25, 2018, in order to delegate authority to the chancellor to declare an emergency pursuant to Public Contract Code §22050.

Approved the nomination of Trustees Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Kern CCD; Hortencia Armendariz, Imperial CCD; Barbara Calhoun, Compton CCD; Julie Schorr, Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD; Yvette Davis, Glendale CCD; Bernardo Perez, Ventura County CCD; and Deborah Ikeda, State Center CCD to the California Community College Trustees (CCCT) Board of Directors of the Community College League of California (CCLC).

- Approved the Board Meeting Schedule for July 2024 to December 2024.

- Approved the appointment and employment contract of Daniel Troy as vice chancellor of Finance and Business Services

- Approved new or revised courses and programs following a presentation by Vice Chancellor Susan Topham.

- Approved travel for San Diego City College students to attend the National MEChA Conference May 16-19, 2024, at the University of Eugene, Oregon; for the Mesa College Arts and Languages Department study abroad program in Madrid, Spain from June 3 through July 12, 2024; and for Miramar College Engineering Club students to participate in the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center, Remotely Operated Vehicle Competition from June 16-23, 2024, in Kingsport, Tennessee.

- Accepted grants from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) for UMOJA Campus Program at City College; for the Middle College High School program at City College; for African American Male Education Network Development (A2MEND) at College of Continuing Education; and for districtwide Retention and Enrollment Outreach.

- Authorized the use of funds from the 2023-24 Special Revenue Budget for the SEEDS@City Program at City College; and for districtwide Basic Needs Services.

- Authorized an agreement between the CCCCO and Mesa College to establish the Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement (MESA) program.

- Authorized a Professional Services Agreement between the Foundation for California Community Colleges and San Diego Miramar College for strategic enrollment management activities; a Faculty Use Agreement between The Regents of the University of California and Miramar College for the University CARBTest Referee program for Heavy-Duty vehicles; and a Cooperative Agreement with the California Department of Rehabilitation for the districtwide College 2 Career program.

- Established and funded Men’s Soccer, Men’s Swim, and Women’s Swim teams as co-curricular sports at San Diego Miramar College.

- Authorized the use of “Maketory” as an off-campus facility by College of Continuing Education.

- Approved purchase orders completed during March 2024; the transfer of funds between budget expenditure accounts in the 2023-24 General Fund/Unrestricted Budget; and various personnel actions including the certification of short-term personnel service effective on or after April 26, 2024.

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