Employment Of Retired Managers

The Management Handbook provides for continued employment of retired managers for eight years or to age 65, whichever occurs first. The following guidelines are intended to implement this Board-adopted program.

  • The maximum earnable in any one fiscal year shall be the maximum permitted by STRS.
  • The rate of pay shall be equal to the daily rate of the manager computed by dividing the annual contract rate by 247 days. The rate of pay shall be increased each year for the individual by an amount equal to the general salary increase granted to comparable managers.
  • The salary may be paid at the conclusion of the work each month and shall be paid as a part of the 10th of the month payroll.
  • The district will continue to cover the retired manager with insurance benefits on the same terms as active managers.
  • Presidents/Directors desiring to utilize the services of a retired manager should submit the request in writing to the Chancellor. The Office of Human Resources will coordinate the assignments and time reports.
  • Upon receipt of PASS sheet by Human Resources from manager responsible for employment of retiree, Human Resources will provide employer with appropriate time cards and payroll forms and instructions for completion.