Long Term Disability Income Insurance


Long term disability income insurance is provided to assure a continuing income when, due to illness or injury, an employee is no longer able to work.  It covers disability sustained on or off the job and lasting longer than 90 days.


All active, permanent contract employees under age 70, who work half-time or more for the District, are eligible as follows:

  • Class I
    • Certificated employees under age 60, with 5 or more years of Credited California Service.
  • Class II
    • Certificated employees with less than 5 years of Credited California Service--or who are over age 60 but less than 70 years of age--and Classified employees


Supervisors or managers, when aware of an injury or illness that will incapacitate an employee for 90 days or more, will immediately notify the Benefits Office of the employee's condition and request that the appropriate claim forms be sent to the employee.

An employee may also contact the Benefits Office directly to obtain the claim forms.

  1. Upon notification, the Benefits Office will mail the claim forms to the employee.  The employee completes the designated sections of the employee's form and takes the "Attending Physician's Statement of Disability" to the treating physician for completion.
  2. After the employee returns the completed claim forms to the Benefits Office, sick leave and payroll information is obtained from the employee's payroll clerk.
  3. When the Benefits Office receives the payroll information, the Human Resources Technician completes the "Salary Continuance Claim Questionnaire" and mails the following documents to the insurance company for processing:
    - The two completed claim forms
    - Salary Continuance Claim Questionnaire
    - Job description