Sabbatical Leave - Posting Bond


To outline the procedures to follow when an employee is granted sabbatical leave and required to post bond.


  • Available to contract faculty.
  1. Consult the applicable bargaining agreement for specifics regarding eligibility for sabbatical leave.


  1. Payroll:
    1. Receives list of eligible employees as part of approved Board Docket.
    2. Sends memo to Chancellor identifying all employees granted sabbatical.
    3. Receives copy of congratulatory letter sent to each employee from Chancellor.
    4. Sends information letter from Payroll Manager to each employee including copy of bargaining agreement and sample bond form.
    5. Responds to questions regarding available bonding agencies, amount of bond required, and disbursement of warrants while on sabbatical.
    6. Maintains records regarding employees on sabbatical and warrant distribution information.
  2. Employee:
    1. Furnishes bond for one-half of annual salary and letter indicating warrant distribution request within 30 days of notification of sabbatical approval.  Failure to comply may result in delay of pay warrant.