Hourly Salary Placement, Returning Contract Employee


To provide a process for the establishment of hourly salary placement rates for returning retirees and former permanent employees of the District. This process applies only where salary placement for returning retirees or former permanent employees is not specifically addressed in the respective employee agreements/ handbooks.


To meet the needs of the District and to utilize the expertise of former District employees, a PERS or STRS retiree or former permanent employee of the District may be re-employed in his/her former classification or job family on an hourly basis. Former PERS Members are limited to 960 hours in a calendar year. Former STRS members are limited to a dollar amount established annually by STRS.


The hiring manager/supervisor must submit a formal request in writing to the Human Resources, Classification and Compensation Office. Requests for special placement should demonstrate specific needs of the job to be performed that justify the hiring of a former employee with experience in that capacity. It should be clearly shown how the District will benefit by paying the employee the pro rata rate.

The Classification and Compensation Office will review the written request and forward it to the Assistant Chancellor, Human Resources with comment of impact of request.

Upon receipt of approval/disapproval by the Assistant Chancellor, Human Resources, the site will be notified of the decision and the need to forward a PASS sheet to create the new assignment.


  1. Utilization of former employees or retirees will be limited according to the guidelines established by the respective retirement system.
  2. This guideline only applies to retirees or former permanent employees.

Revision: 10-95, Supersedes 6-84