Salary Advancement

Pursuant to the existing collective bargaining agreements covering both Adult and College faculty, salary advancement on any certificated salary schedule requires specific actions on the part of the individual faculty member. That is, for contract (monthly) employees, the instructor must submit the appropriate verification (i.e. , official transcripts) and a request for salary transfer, and must have an approved professional growth plan on file. Professional growth plans and any amendments or modifications must be submitted through the appropriate administrative hierarchy, approved by the parties, and on file before any courses are taken for credit towards salary advancement. A new district procedure is being developed and will soon be available to all interested parties.

The only thing that will generate an evaluation of the employee's eligibility for salary advancement is the request for salary transfer. Transcripts, when received in Personnel, will simply be recorded in the appropriate personnel file unless it is accompanied by the request for movement.

The requirements for hourly instructors are the same as those for contract faculty except that the hourly staff is not required to file an approved professional growth plan.

Vocational instructors must obtain advance approval of their Dean, as well as the Assistant Chancellor - Manpower Training and Vocational Education, in order for courses, workshops, and seminars to be credited for salary Advancement. This would be accomplished via the professional growth plan for contract faculty. However, for the hourly staff, it must be sought by contacting the appropriate Deans. The request for credit must be in writing, and if approved by the Dean, should be sent to the Director for his review. If approved by both parties, the request must then be submitted to Human Resources, Classification and Compensation Section.

All changes to salaries become effective the first of the month following the completion of the above-mentioned processing. If there are questions or problems, managers, supervisors and faculty are urged to read the appropriate contract. For further assistance, please contact the Classification and Compensation Section in Human Resources.