Initial Step Placement on Salary Schedule


To provide a method for initial step placement of new classified employees on the respective salary schedule. This process applies only where initial salary step placement of new employees is not specifically addressed in the respective classified employee agreements/handbooks.


A classified monthly employee new to the District shall be placed on the step of the appropriate range based upon an evaluation of the amount of directly related previous experience. Initial placement on the salary schedule shall normally be on Step A. New hires with one and one-half years of directly related full time experience shall be eligible for placement on Step B. The maximum placement normally shall be at Step B. The Chancellor may authorize a higher step placement (not to exceed Step E) within the appropriate range when it is considered to be in the best interest of the District.


  • 1. After an offer of employment is made a new employee will meet with a member of the Classification/Compensation Office to discuss initial salary placement. An employee who claims prior experience credit shall be responsible for obtaining official, written verification of service from employers or other disinterested and qualified persons before experience credit shall be allowed.
  • 2. Based on an evaluation of verified experience by the Classification/ Compensation Office, a determination of initial placement will be made at either Step A or Step B effective the initial date of hire.
  • 3. In instances where the hiring President/Director feels strongly that salary placement above the step determined by Human Resources is warranted, special request for exception may be made. In those instances the following procedures should be followed:
    • The hiring President/Director must submit a formal request in writing to the Human Resources, Classification/Compensation Office. Such request for exception should provide specific explanation and clearly demonstrate why such action is in the best interest of the District.
    • The Classification/Compensation office will review the written request and forward it to the Chancellor with a comment of impact of request.
    • Upon receipt of approval/disapproval by the Chancellor, Human Resources will notify the requesting President/Director and the employee.


1. In no instance will salary step placement exceed Step E on the salary schedule.
2. This applies only to new employees hired from outside the District.

Work Experience Verification (Attachment A)