Sample Notice Of Probationary Rejection

November 21, 20___

TO: (Employee)

FROM: (Assistant Chancellor, Human Resources)


In accordance with _____________________________ of the Agreement with ________________________, you are hereby discharged effective (date) , from your position as (title of position) , (where employed) . The article provides as follows:

[Insert language, e.g.]:

"An employee may be summarily discharged during the first twelve (12) months of employment as a regular monthly employee, at the discretion of the District, without recourse to the grievance procedure."

[Check exact language from applicable agreement.]

This discharge is based upon your inability to meet the expectation of the position, (title of position) .

If you are eligible for a final check, it will be mailed to your address of record on (date) , and will include any accrued vacation pay.

You have been covered by the Public Employees Retirement System. Our Payroll Department will notify PERS of your separation, and PERS will send you the form used to obtain a refund.

Your District medical insurance, life insurance, and dental and vision benefits will end on (date) . Because you will no longer be working for the District, you may have the right to convert your group life and/or medical coverage to individual plans. If eligible, you may convert coverage for yourself alone or yourself and all of your dependents who were covered under the group plan without providing evidence of your or your dependents' insurability.

If you are interested in converting your group life and/or medical coverage, you should contact the District Benefits Office, (phone number), immediately. Upon request, they will furnish you with the information necessary to make application for conversion. Since you have only 30 days from the time your group coverage terminates to submit your completed application form and first premium payment, it is most important that you act promptly.

If we can be of assistance to you, please feel free to call.