Notice of Discipline


November 21, 20___

TO: (Employee)

FROM: (Manager conducting hearing)


RE: NOTICE OF DISCIPLINE (following pre-disciplinary hearing)

This is to officially notify you that, as a result of the information presented at the hearing on (date) or in writing, you will be suspended without pay on  (date) , for (reason) .

This action is taken for the following listed grounds:


Reference Human Resources Manual Filing #DI-3110, Causes for Disciplinary Action and any other District or Department Rules violated.

The above grounds are based on the following acts or omissions:

(Set forth clearly and specifically all of the details, dates, places, and events which give rise to the action).

As you will recall, on (date) (list all previous oral reprimands, written reprimands, and suspensions relevant to this disciplinary action). (if applicable, This action is being taken because the following prior disciplinary actions proved ineffective.)

Copies of the following documents which I considered in making this recommendation are attached:

(list of documents)


Copies of all documents, your personnel file, and other materials which support the proposed action will be made available in the (location) upon request during regular office hours.

Any reoccurrence of (reason) will result in a more severe disciplinary action, such as termination of your employment with the District.

You have the right to appeal this decision. Attached is a grievance form which must be completed, signed and filed with the Human Resources Department no later than * (date) (refer to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or handbook.) A copy of the section of the collective bargaining agreement relating to your appeal rights is attached hereto.


cc: Human Resources



Names and titles of those present at hearing

* Shall be no less than 5 days after service of this notice to the employee.