Procedures for Filling Vacant Manager Positions

  1. Procedures for filling vacant manager positions
    • 1.1 The Chancellor is responsible for the recruitment, selection, and recommendation to the Board of candidates for all vacant management positions (except the position of Chancellor). The Board, acting upon the recommendation of the Chancellor, makes all appointments.
    • 1.2 The recommending manager (who may be a president, via their respective Business Manager, or the appropriate Assistant Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, or Chancellor), when requesting the recruitment of a new position, must submit to Human Resources a position description outlining the responsibilities and also the status in the organization as indicated on the position questionnaire form.
    • Also prior to filling a new or changed managerial position, a recommending manager must complete a position questionnaire and forward it, with appropriate signatures, to the Classification and Compensation Office. The position will be classified and allocated to a salary range. This recommendation will be forwarded to the Chancellor for approval. The recommending manager must then submit a "Request To Fill" form to the Human Resources Employment Office, and subsequently obtain Board approval to authorize the Chancellor to proceed.
    • 1.3 The Chancellor makes a decision to fill the vacant management position either by transfer or recruitment by considering the basic criteria of quality leadership for the District and compliance with District's Affirmative Action policy.
    • 1.4 If the Chancellor's initial decision is to fill the position by transfer, he/she directs the Human Resources Employment Office to notify all managers via an appropriate communiqué which would include specific job information usually found in a position announcement. If a manager is interested in being considered for the transfer, he/she must, within ten (10) days of the date of the communiqué, notify his/her current president/Assistant Chancellor. The president/Assistant Chancellor who has the vacant managerial position, interviews the interested candidate. It is recommended that an Affirmative Action representative be present during the interview. The president/Assistant Chancellor makes one of the following requests to the Chancellor: (1) the candidate be transferred; or (2) the regular recruitment process be conducted and the candidate may apply under the announcement.
    • 1.5 If the Chancellor accepts the recommendation to transfer a candidate, he/she secures from Human Resources and/or the District Affirmative Action Office any additional information which may be needed for the report to the Board.
    • 1.6 For managerial positions which report directly to the Chancellor, a recommendation to either transfer a candidate or select a candidate chosen via the screening and interviewing process is made by the Chancellor to the Board of Trustees. This recommendation is reviewed in a closed session and, if approved, reported during a public meeting.
  2. Composition of the Screening/ Interviewing Committee
    • 2.1 The Screening/Interview Committee (hereafter referred to as the Committee) is appointed by the recommending and/or nominating manager. Every effort shall be made to ensure that the composition of the Committee includes members from protected groups.-
    • 2.2 The Committee shall include at least three mandatory members: 1) the recommending/nominating manager, 2) a District manager not assigned to the site where the vacancy exists, and, 3) an Affirmative Action representative who is selected by the Affirmative Action Manager. Other members may include: Vocational Coordinator (mandatory when selecting a Vocational Manager); faculty, when appropriate; classified staff, when appropriate; students, when appropriate; and/or non-district technical advisers, as appropriate.
    • 2.3 The recommending manager, except in the case where he/she is also serving as the nominating manager, reviews the composition of the Committee and approves its membership in writing on the "Criteria Form for Screening & Interviewing." If the recommending manager and the nominating manager are the same individual, then his/her immediate administrator's signature (which could possibly be the Chancellor's) must be obtained on the "Criteria Form for Screening & Interviewing." This form must be submitted to Human Resources with the appropriate signatures no later than one week prior to the scheduled screening date.
  3. Screening/ Nominating process
    • 3.1 The Committee screens all complete application packages and selects the "most highly qualified" applicants to be invited to the interview. The Affirmative Action representative reviews the applicant pool and certifies to the recommending manager (President/Assistant Chancellor, or Chancellor if he/she was required to approve the Committee membership) that the interview-candidate list was developed in conformance with District policy (and reviewed by the District Affirmative Action Manager for protected group representation). The recommending manager (or Chancellor if his/her signature was initially required) reviews the list of applicants selected for interview, and approves the interview candidate list in writing prior to any interview notices being sent. The Committee will interview and consider all invited candidates who appeared for the interview.
    • 3.2 The Committee nominates not fewer than three (3) unranked candidates to the recommending manager, and the recommending manager (or Chancellor if the above signature contingency exists) reviews the qualifications which are described in the nominated candidate's application package and the Committee's "Interview Rating Sheets." The recommending manager/Chancellor has unilateral option to invite all or specifically selected finalist candidates to a second interview which may be conducted with only the recommending manager and/or the Chancellor and the candidate present; however it is recommended that an Affirmative Action representative also be present. At this point, the recommending manager/Chancellor either makes a selection or rejects all candidates who were nominated.
    • 3.3 If the Chancellor has not participated in the above process as the recommending manager, the recommending manager submits a memo of his/her recommendation to the Chancellor. A copy of the application and the committee's "Interview Rating Sheets" accompanies the memo. The Chancellor is provided with the protected group statistics of the finalist pool by the Human Resources Employment Office and/or the District Affirmative Action Office. Based upon this information, the Chancellor makes his/her recommendation to the Board of Trustees for their approval.
    • 3.4 After Board approval, the Chancellor, or an appointed designee, is responsible for officially offering the position to the selected candidate and conveying his/her decision to all appropriate administrators and departments.
    • 3.5 Notices shall be sent (by the Human Resources Employment Office, in most cases) to all those who were not selected for the management position.