Employment of Classified Staff

Purpose and Scope:

The procedure for classified eligibility lists shall be established in accordance with adopted Board of Trustee policy, approved administrative procedures, and applicable laws.

Centers and Colleges:

  • 1.1 Recommending Managers via their Management Services Manager or Management Services Supervisor/ President, must follow the Classification Review & Functional Organization Chart Procedure (4001-3) and subsequently obtain Board approval.
  • 1.2 Recommending Manager should apprise the EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Compliance Officer of all vacancies and/or selection processes for his/her particular program.
  • 2.1 The Recommending Manager or Departmental Head/Nominating Manager submits to Human Resources via their Management Services Manager or Management Supervisor/President:
    1. Job Description Form
    2. Request To Fill Classified Position Form.
    Submit Job Description Form only if the position has changed since it was last studied or if one year has elapsed since the position was studied.

Human Resources will:

    1. Maintain Position Control
    2. Review Classification Level
    3. Notify appropriate Nominating Manager and Management Services Manager or Management Supervisor when eligibility lists are available for screening.

Centers and Colleges:

  • 3.0 ESTABLISHMENT OF SCREENING/ INTERVIEWING COMMITTEE (hereinafter called "committee")
  • 3.1 Upon notification,  Recommending Manager appoints a committee. All committee members should have a background of a suitable nature to assure sufficient expertise to evaluate the candidates.
  • 3.2 The committee shall include at least two (2) members, but not necessarily limited to that number. The committee generally consists of:
    1. Nominating Manager
    2. EEO Representative (required) must be appointed in conjunction with the District's Equal Employment Opportunity Office.
    3. Technical Advisor (may be appointed to the committee when the need arises to identify unique skills and expertise).
    4. Nominating Manager or Supervisor and classified personnel shall not serve on the same committee unless the classified personnel has the expertise to be considered a technical advisor.
    5. Student Body Representative (may be appointed to the committee at the discretion of the Nominating Manager).
  • 3.3 Recommending Manager shall apprise EEO Compliance Officer of composition of selection committee.
  • 3.4 The Recommending Manager (President/Vice Chancellor) reviews the composition of the committee and approves its membership in writing on the "Criteria/Interview Form."

Human Resources will:

    The packet will consist of:
    1. Guide to Interviewing
    2. Criteria/Interviewing Form (PS 102)
    3. Interview Rating Sheet (PS 103)
    4. Employment Recommendation Memo (PS 105)

Centers and Colleges:

  • 3.6 The Nominating Manager will provide Human Resources with the Criteria/Interviewing Form prior to screening.
    NOTE: 24 hours notice to Human Resources is needed to prepare appropriate lists for screening.
  • 3.7 Once the committee has been established each member should participate in the entire process.
  • 3.8 In accordance with EEOC (DFEH) Guidelines and District Policy (4100), the committee will screen the candidates solely on the basis of the experience and qualifications outlined in the position announcements and/or current job description. Transfer candidates will be designated as such on the eligibility card and will be considered prior to a decision to select candidates for interviews.
  • 3.9 If a decision is made to interview, the committee must consider at least five eligible candidates in accordance with District procedures. Additional candidates may be considered if it is the desire of the committee.
  • 3.10 The names of the applicants selected for interview will be recorded on the Interview Selection Form. In addition, the names of alternate candidates will be recorded on the form.
  • 3.11 Upon completion of the screening process, the EEO representative will take the Interview Selection Form to the EEO Office.

Human Resources will:

  • 3.12 The EEO Office will provide a summary of the composition of the applicant pool, the alternate pool, and the combination of both candidate pools to the Recommending Manager (President/Vice Chancellor).

Centers and Colleges:

  • 3.13 The Recommending Manager (President/Vice Chancellor) reviews the list of applicants selected for interview and approves the list (original applicant pool or extended pool with alternates) in writing on the Interview Selection Form.

Human Resources will:

    1. Upon receipt of the Interview Selection Form, coordinate with Nominating Manager the final interview date, allowing at least five working days after receipt of the approved form.
    2. Contact selected eligible candidates and determine their availability for interview.

Centers and Colleges:

  • 3.15 The committee will interview and nominate candidates and refer their nominations to the Recommending Manager.
  • 3.16 The Recommending Manager will receive a list of nominations and will notify Human Resources by memo (PS 105) of his/her recommendation. 

    ATTACHED TO THIS MEMO MUST BE A PERSONNEL AUTHORIZATION STATUS FORM (PASS) (Exhibit E). All rating sheets (PS 103) will be returned to Human Resources with the Employment Recommendation Memo. The Recommending Manager also must-submit a completed CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION form to Human Resources along with the Personnel Authorization Status Sheet (PASS).

Human Resources will:

  • 4.1 At the receipt of the Employment Recommendation Memo (PS 105), the attached PERSONNEL AUTHORIZATION STATUS FORM (PASS) and CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION FORM, Human Resources will extend an offer of employment to the selected candidate.
  • 4.2 The offer of employment will be extended to the selected candidate 24 hours after the receipt of the documents in 4.1 unless a discrimination complaint is filed.

    NOTE: Applicant folders may be picked up after 12 noon on the day before the interviews, and must be returned the day after the interviews.

  • 4.3 Prepare necessary information for action by Board of Trustees.
  • 4.4 Candidates not selected will be notified by mail after the selected candidate has accepted the position.
  • 4.5 The selected candidate will be processed prior to employment.
  • 4.6 Physical examinations are required for designated classifications. This pre-employment physical examination is paid for by the District and is required before the employment process is completed.


5.1 At the beginning of the process, be recognized and introduced as the EEO Representative.

5.2 Assist in establishing interviewing criteria and questions.

5.3 Screen applications and assist in the selection of persons to be interviewed.

5.4 At interview meeting, read a statement as to the purpose of and legality of EEO.

5.5 Monitor the entire process to avoid illegal or discriminatory data

5.6 Vote on persons being nominated for employment.

5.7 Submit an "Interview Statement" to the District EEO Office.

5.8 If, in the judgment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, discrimination is noted, an appeal must be filed with the college/center coordinator or with the District Equal Employment Opportunity Officer within 24 hours.

5.9 Certify that the interviews were non-discriminatory.


6.1 All screening will be accomplished at the District Office.

6.2 Interviewing may be scheduled either for a campus/center or the District Office at the option of the Nominating Manager.

6.3 Applications for finalists will be assigned to the Nominating Manager and normally should not be checked out of Human Resources for more than two (2) workdays. These applications and supplemental information will be available after 12:00 noon on the day prior to the date of the interviews. They should be returned to the Human Resources Office by noon of the workday following the date of the interview.

6.4 Because of multiple use of applications, campus/center Managers are urged to coordinate interview schedules with Human Resources so as to assure all candidates an equal opportunity for vacant positions.