Emergency Interim Appointments

  • Purpose - Title V, Part VI, Section 53021, requires that a program of recruitment be carried out for the filling of all vacancies. Emergency interim assignments, not to exceed one year, may be made from "in-house only" regular staff where the total number of regular positions in the District shall not be increased and the urgency of beginning the assignment does not allow time for a regular recruitment.
  • Procedure
    • Request for emergency interim appointments shall be directed by the Assistant Chancellor/Site President to the Chancellor for approval.
    • Upon approval, Human Resources shall publish and distribute a "Professional Growth Opportunity" to all regular staff.  Two weeks shall be allowed for interested regular employees to file a memorandum directly with the Assistant Chancellor/Site President making the appointment, noting their interest in the opportunity.
    • The employee shall also include alternatives for the interim replacement of their position in the memorandum of interest.
    • The Assistant Chancellor/Site President shall consider any memoranda received and may consider other available staff in making an emergency interim appointment.