Reinstatement of Eligibility

Purpose: To provide a process that would enable former permanent San Diego Community College District classified employees the opportunity to be reinstated to the eligibility list(s) within their previous job family.

  1. Eligibility for Reinstatement
    1. An individual who had gained permanent district status may apply for reinstatement to the eligibility list of any classification in which permanency was attained. Other classifications within the same job family may be approved by Human Resources upon request of the individual. If an employee was permanent with the District but had not gained permanency in a classification because of promotion or reclassification, the individual may be approved for reinstatement to any of the classifications in which they had probationary status.
    2. The application must be filed within 39 months from the date of last paid service with the District.
    3. The individual must have had satisfactory performance with the District.
  2. Application for Reinstatement

    An individual meeting the qualifications enumerated above must file a "Request for Reinstatement" form and a district employment application with the Human Resources Employment Office at the time he/she wishes to be considered for reinstatement.

  3. Evaluation of Skills
    1. Human Resources will evaluate the skills and knowledge needed for the classifications.
    2. Individuals may be required to take designated exams to ensure that current skill levels are met.
  4. Reinstatement Rights
    1. Individuals approved for reinstatement to an eligibility list will be maintained on the designated list for one year -- with the one year included in the 39 months for total reinstatement eligibility. If the individual has not been selected for a position within the year, the candidate will be required to apply in the same manner as any other outside applicant.
    2. Individuals approved for the reinstatement will be designated as a "Reinstatement Candidate." Site managers may consider Reinstatement Candidates along with transfer candidates for interview and/or selection prior to, or in lieu of, considering the eligibility list. Consideration of transfer or reinstatement candidates may occur during any step of the selection process.
    3. When an individual reinstates to a classification in which they did not attain permanent status, they will be required to complete the remaining time of their original probation period.
  5. Physical Examination

    Reinstatement Candidate who are hired will be required to meet the physical examination requirements for that classification.