Voluntary Transfer Process for Classified Employees

Purpose:To provide a process for the voluntary transfer of Classified Monthly Employees of the San Diego Community College District.

  • Eligibility for Transfer
    1. An individual who is a regular monthly classified employee may apply for a transfer.
    2. The application for transfer may be submitted to Human Resources at any time.
  • Application for Transfer
    1. An individual meeting the qualifications enumerated above must file a "Transfer Request" form and a district employment application with Human Resources if he/she wishes to be considered for transfer.
    2. The "Transfer Request" and the details of the transfer program will be reviewed with the employees by Human Resources staff at the time of the request.
  • Duration of Eligibility
    1. A "Transfer Request" will be retained in an active status for one year.
    2. Employees who are not transferred within the year and who want to remain on the transfer list may do so by submitting an updated "Transfer Request" form and district application to Human Resources.
    3. A "Transfer Request" will be considered completed once an employee has received a transfer. A new "Transfer Request" and district application will have to be submitted to Human Resources if the employee subsequently wants a transfer from the new position.
  • Eligible Classifications
    1. Employees will be eligible to transfer to other positions in the same classification as well as classifications of equal or lower levels that are considered to be within the same job family.
    2. Human Resources will evaluate the skills and knowledge needed for each classification to determine which are appropriate for transfer.
  1. Transfer Rights
  2. An individual requesting transfer and approved for an eligibility list will be designated as "Transfer Candidate." Site/district managers will consider transfer candidates for interview and/or selection prior to considering the eligibility list. A formal screening/interview process will be waived if the manager chooses a transfer candidate.
    1. Employees who transfer and take a voluntary downgrade may, if selected within 39 months, transfer back to the higher permanent classification.