Performance Appraisal Guidelines

  1. This guideline immediately establishes and implements the employee performance appraisal processes as required in employee contracts/agreements. Each manager/supervisor shall appraise the performance of each employee under his/her jurisdiction by June 30, 1982.
  2. Each Management Services office will be provided with a current computer listing by time sheet location on or before April 5, 1982.
    • 2.1 The computer listings will reflect the following: employee name, social security number, assignment, position description, classification code, monthly seniority date, current job status, current status effective date, and seniority date in classification.
    • 2.2 The Chancellor, directors, and project leaders will receive computer listings for the employees under their immediate supervision.
  3. Copies of completed performance appraisals will be filed in the Office of Record (Management Services Officer)--a location that manifests integrity and confidentiality.
    • 3.1 Those managers/project leaders not affiliated with a Management Services Office shall be responsible for maintaining employee performance appraisals in a designated place that manifests integrity and confidentiality.
  4. The performance of employees which has been appraised within the past calendar year and of which a copy of their appraisal is on file in the Office of Record does not need to be appraised if it is not required by the employee's contract/agreement.
  5. Although performance appraisals are instruments that create positive and effective communications between employee and manager/supervisor, there are times when performance appraisals may lead to disciplinary action and subsequent termination of the employee. In these instances, a copy of the employee's performance appraisal shall be forwarded to the Assistant Chancellor - Human Resources for inclusion in the employee's official personnel file. Documentation describing the concerns of management and the prescribed plan of eliminating those concerns shall also be attached to the employee's performance appraisal. The employee's contract/agreement specifically outlines this process; management's actions shall be consistent and in concert with this process.
  6. Under the word "tally" by each employee's name, indicate the date the employee was evaluated, then return the completed computer listing to Human Resources.
  7. The Performance Appraisal Process is outlined in the Policy Manual, Guideline EV 5110 (previously numbered 4300.2)
  8. Performance appraisal forms and Performance Appraisal Manuals are located in the Management Services offices; additional copies of the forms or manuals may be obtained from Human Resources.